Nava Gun Turret

r- // head radio antenna gun turret plexiglas enclosure downdraft carburetor

— air induction engine cowl flaps fixed horizontal

— stabilizer wing lock wanning i~lag wing in folded position

1 arc -1 control.

2 arc-5 control

3 atc transmitter control

4 arb rege'ver control

5 apx -2 control.

6 arb remote tuner.





fcj—ti ic \ j i atc radio transmitter i v^t ^ 2 gun turret slip ring

j^iu _ 5 oxygen bottle

uv^mnym ■ ■arfjl^-^r___-/pi? 7 catapault handgrip

q jr; 12.- 10 instrument panel yellow tlp o - '«u i ii electrical panel /

. o ^ ^_i__12 BOMB bat wlndqff-^- jf bombardier's compartment w|njr rnrw(:t,____i front w,ng «ocket5 —j douglas type machine gun packet — 7 aluminum alloy /

MARK M-8 gunsight aps- 4 search r "radar pilots cockpit starboard side 50 cal. machine gun /"rocket launche r

"" head

6® wing dihedral angle ^

low blower setting, and a ratio of io06 to 1 crankshaft speed when operating in the high blower setting. the carburetor is a model pr-48-a3 stromberg injection type, and has an automatic altitude fuel mixture control and idle cut-off military power the engine may be operated at this power output for 5 minutes provided cylinder head temperature limits are not exceeded propeller the hamilton-standard hydromatlc propeller has a constant speed control the manual speed control on the pilot's instrument panel. engine oil system the normal amount of engine oil in the tank and the lines is 13 gallon* scavenged oil flows through an oil cooler, equipped with an automatic 1 ,110 temperature regulator and aby-• pass valve to cause the oil to flow 102 through the cooler or be by-pass ranttd oc ed to the oil tank. a hydraulically rudder-' operated cooler flap, located be-

-post. 90 low the engine compartment controls the volume of air flowing position"92 through the cooler . the control of light ?4 this flap is by manual action.

-f- t--engine oil dilution system

? actuator g6 an engine oil dilution system, opera-1 / 109 öle by the pllot% is provided where

1 58 these airplanes operate in cold /\ 'j weather- j

\ \-f\- ~ fuel is carried in the wing center 1 \w \ „ section in 3 self sealing fuel celli ■'mj- a oroppable fueltank can be carhi 24 in the bomb bay and under each 1 "aw \4--- wing. i hp fuel tank capacities

j^j- left main 90

Js* 10 right main 90

bomb bay (oroppable) 270

right wing (oroppable) 58 or 100

left wlng(droppable^ 58 or 100

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