Performance Ab


70ft.,0 in.


50 ft., Oin.

Wing Area

540 sq. ft.

Empty Weight

22,370 lbs.

Gross Weight

27,600 lbs.

High Speed.. 355mph at 15,000 ft.

Normal Range

1,400 miles

head room and greatly improved all-around visibility.

The A-26C was the light bomber variant, still with the turrets but normally carrying only two .50-caliber guns in a lengthened Plexiglas bomber nose. Late A-26Cs also carried six wing guns.

The XA-26 first flew on July 10,1942, and production models were in combat in the Pacific by the spring of 1944, but were not notably successful until improvements were made. Operations in Europe, starting in September, were more successful.

The Long Beach plant built 1,150 A-26B-DLs and five A-26C-DLs. A new plant in Tulsa, OK, built 205 A-26B-DTs and 1,086 A-26C-DTs.

The A-26s were redesignated B-26 in 1948 and saw extensive service in the Korean War, and some service in the Vietnam war until 1969. The R.A.F. had ordered 140 A-26Bs but received only two before V-J day. The U.S. Navy received 152 surplus A-26Cs after the war and used them as JD-1 utility planes. They were redesignated UB-26J in 1962. The Air Force retained B-26s as trainers and utility types until 1972.

The XA-26B below shows the large propeller spinners used only on the prototypes and the 75mm cannon that was fitted to some production A-26Bs.

Bottom:A Douglas A-26B-30-DL with four .50-caliber machine guns in the right side of the nose and two in the left. The standard turrets for all A-26s are not shown on the drawing.

Drawing Oil Cooler


Guard Use Cover Aircraft Propellers


Standard Biplane Scale Drawings Douglas Invader Spinner

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-Access Panels [Lanorno Light

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Light Blue

Oil Cooler 5hutters Oil Cooler ñir Intake Exhaust Ejectors Cowl Flaps Carburetor Air Intake

Red Maw6at/on Light Oreen On Opposite Tip

Section U-U

-Zapto Antenna

r Carburetor fí/e Intake

/ rHyPEQMATic Propeller

-Wright Engine / rOiL Cooler fl/r Intake

Wing Joint

Fairing Panel

íano/n6 Gear Cover Door actuating axm Torçue Links


Dimensions Uhp fízmameht Data Are Restricted. The layout Sçoares Are flpprox/mfí te ; Useful For Mop el Work Only.

General Arrangement Douólñs Invader"

Approximate Scale

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