On The Undersides Of Outer Wing Panels And In The Bomb Bay Are Releable Manually By The Pilot When Empty Or In Combat

t engine manifold pressure gauge 2 altimeter. j air speed indicator

4 rudder sensitivity trim

5 airspeed correction placard

6 rudder trim control

7 aileron trim control.

8 aileron sensitivity control.

9 elevator sensitivity control.

ยก0 elevator trim control

// radio altimeter light t 2 an/apn-i altimeter range control.

/ 3 engine r.pm. indicator.

14 climb indicator.

/ 5 chart board light.

/6 turn and bank indicator

17 directional gyro

18 directional gyro control

19 automatic pilot con trol switch 2Q bank and climb gyro-

2! bank and climb gyro.

22 an/apn-i limit switch

23 an/apn-i altimeter control switch

24 an/apn-i altimeter.

fixed wing slot-

Rl B

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