Pencil Drawing Airplane
The B-24H-5-F0 was built by the Ford Motor Co. with late-type waist gunners ' windows. Camouflage was deleted from most U.S. Army combat planes in production early in 1944.

BESIDES being one of the major U.S. heavy bombers of the war, the Consolidated B-24, named the "Liberator," has a distinction held by no other American military airplane: more B-24s were built (18,482) than any other mass-produced fighters, including the Curtiss P-40 (13,738) and the Republic P-47 (15,683).

The design of the B-24, Consolidated Model 32, originated in January 1939, as a counter-proposal to a U.S. Army request that Consolidated build Boeing B-17s under license. The proposal was accepted, and the XB-24 flew

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