Lateral Stiffener Crimped Incse

gun camera a 16 mm electrically operated and heated gun camera is udcateow the left wing stub when the gun trigger is operated the camera takes a moving picture automatically the movie film can be projected to check gunnery results the camera temperature is thermostatically controlled grumman g- 34

this airplane was bult for export ano varied from the u s navy f4f- 3 in several equipment details the g-36 was essentially a ffchter bomber.

solid web typical outer wing rib built in 3 sections sta 136

all riveted construcsolio flangeo rib * split wwg flap canted forwaro spar —solio web arresting gear operation the arresting gear oonsists of .a carriAGE AND a hook operating in a track inSTALL EO at fuselage station 13 the op-IfUrtON of the hook is controlled by THE PILOT by means of a cable. the hook CAN BE locked in the extended or reTRACTED position. tangential or axial LOAOB ON the hook are prevented from

REACHING the cable by means ofalatch ANNESTMG hook loads are transmitted DIRECTLY to the fuselage structure a

SP90NG and oleo strut maintains force ON the hook when itis extenoed first production the first fighters complying with naval carrier qualifications were the moo^ elf4f-3 with rigid wings the first airplane contract for f4f-3"wildcat5" was oelivereo to the u s navy in is40

-rear view panoramic mirror -bullet resistant panel -radio antenna —approach light -hinge pin fairing —jury strut fitting —wing lock machine gun port—



the f4f-4could not outperform the japanese zero fighter,but being a sturoy built airplane it coulo withstano aerial combat damage to a greater degree and provide safety for the pilot see"samurai by saburo sakai,japanese ace sakai fought against the wildcat wing fittings the wing fittings for the stub wings are attached to the firewall struc tural bulkhead and are of the pin type.

machine gun heaters gun heaters are located cver the gun breech and retracting slide the c*-cuit is connected 04rectly to the e-lectric generator catapaulting THE A^plane can be catapaulteo from THE ogck of an aircraft carrier fit -TWOS ARE provided on the landing BEAR support structure and the emPENNAGE.

note- --^-t-^-ua^io!^ • •^icv for fighter bomber ground ___w w support operations a 100 lb {oV -—"----^

carried on each outer rock- x /nftt- tlf o^r it <iu is4

et launcher (2 per planernote, tie down at |tj,s4.

when wings are foloeo /

note'. rocket installation l_

early model f4f-4 were equipped with single rocket launchers on each wing. late mooel f4f-4 ano fm-i and \

-2 were fitteo with three mk-3 rocket launchers- the electric firing is controlled by a station distributor and the joystick trigger switch each launcher consists of two streamline steel tube posts.the forward post con- bend1x air-oil tains a fuse arming control the aft post contains a rec- shock strut — eptacle for the rocket firing lead ano a latch to re- air pressure strain the rocket until the instant of firing. rocketry 200-800ps i fire on ground targets was controlled by aiming the airplane. rockets were not carried on combat sorties against hostile aircraft.

-mk-5 rocket -aft sway brace fore sway brace pitot head---

running light electrical switches section lights formation lights flash switch wing running lights tail running light gun master switch gun camera pitot tube heater engine starter fuel primer gun selector w storage battery recognition lights generator field. engine oil dilution master radio switch approach light manual radio destructor -machine gun heater. engine ignition._

rheostats electric panel lights cockpit lights. compass light instrument panel chart board light engine oil dilution ENGINE Ot_ lines SOLENOIO valve. DIVE RTE R valve

RESTRICTED oil dluton fitting MANUALLY operated shut-off valve pressed aluminum alloy shell welded flange propeller governor operation THE ENTIRE operation is electrically CONTROLLED propeller rpm is conTROLLABLE by the pilot within the RANGE of the governor once the rpm * SELECTED it remains constant within THE OPERATING RANGE of the governor. TMt GOVERNOR is not effective over troo RPM.

front view \

(take-off attitude) \

curtiss 3-blaoe propeller. propeller control by the pilot is by means of an electric selector switch anca governor control _

note-permissible accelerations gross wt lbs positive acceleration

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