fairing-—,*, wing flap operation split type wing flaps operate from the ailerons inboaro to the fuselage but are divided into inboard ano outboard flaps by the wing fold due to an overlap at the wing fold, the two sections operate as a unit capable of being operated to an angle of 4y by the vacuum system the operating partial vacuum isobtalneo from the carburetlon intake manifold. this partial vacuum force is applieo directly to the actuating cylinder or stored in the vacuum tank located in the storage compartment th/s storage tank has sufficient capacity to operate the wing flaps twice with the engine shut-off the engine will still produce vacuum power with the throttle closeo the actuating force created is sufficient to hold the flaps down when the engine is iole& in flght, as the engine power increases, the wing flaps will retract until an ajrspeeo of 130 knots. the angle of oroop will be approximately or if the power is then removeq.the wing flaps will return to the maximum angle of extension of 43*. in a take-off,the "control valve is left in the down position until ample airspeeo and altitude are attained for forcing the wing flaps to retract. if the control valve is then turneo to the "up" position. any sin k effect is eliminated. this wing flap system is subject to the effect of air density at altitude

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