bullet resisting windshield instrument ftanel-----1

armor plate----—j i fire wall (stainless steelln engine oil tank----1

ant i - detonant regulator unit engine baffle ring--------

down draft ram air duct---

controllable engine cowl flap engine cowl ring-----

performance data gross weight 7340 lbs.

take-off distance(17 mph heaowind) is 28 3 ft gro hun best cumbwg speeo at sea level *4mph landing run at sea level 794 feet.

landing speed (ias) j*4 mph.

engine mutar y power 2600 kp engine manifold pressure 44.5 Hjg blower setting low mixture setting . . ... auto lean fuel consumption(maximüm) 147 g.p.k cruising speed(25,000 ft.) ¿52

fuel consumption(crulse\ 36gph.

maximum air speed(0*ajo 363 mpk take-off power(2700r-p^jl____j300 hi?

normal rateo power »200 h p fuel grade k>0/t30spbc service ceiling ztßoo ft.

sflis&r RWTsfcrim ssyjra color system the exterior surfaces were painted non-specular wh i tel inte r meoiat e blul, sea blue ano sea blue semi -gloss varoos colors are blended definite lines of demarcation are a-voided by applying the-colors in an irregular wavy line ano then feathering instrument panel black.

cockpit interior dark green landing gear fairing black pitot tube non-specular reo-

landing gear non-specular black wheels to match fuselage area walkways black outline.

engine black propeller hub black.

propeller cuff black.

propeller blade(rear) black.

propeller blade (front)... aluminum.

tires black drop tanks white .

ENONE exhaust system

THf exhaust pipes are attached to the EMBME exhaust ports four pi pes on the

LEFT SIDE ano five on the right side. the ENGINE cowling is concave at the educt ON area ano is made of stainless steel.

- radio le/ ^longero

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