(Figure 12) British Type C and C. 1 roundels were adopted in July 1942, and were laid out in the three sizes shown, rather than being divided into percentages of the overall diameter. They were used as direct replacements for Types A and A. 1 roundels.

nated the use of national airplane insignia before WW I, and it called its tricolor circles "cocardes." These were used only on wings until they were added to fuselages at the onset of WW II. Mainly, the proportions were as in Figure 15, with the radius divided into thirds. Rudder stripes, with the blue forward, were used from WW I through WW II. France was one of the few nations to retain rudder stripes after most of the others had moved tail markings to the fin. The French marking situation was complicated after June 1940, titelt rag®

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