-faßrk Covered Ailerons

Fabric Cove reo Ru oder De-Icing 5trip—s [Rear Entrance I ¡Navigation Light* \

Typical Rib Construction

\ Vfrg* Tank Covers ^Oe/CIHO Strip Exhaust Passage Cowl Flaps raojustaßle WlNO deflector / slichng Hatch / r. 50 Cal . Machine 6 un ^^ / Raoio An tehna ^

jiydraulk powereo turret rftviN.SO (al. Mach. 6uhs

rLife-Raft Compartment/

\Retracted Wheel vExhaust Passage

Rcmcvhble Rcce** Panels ^ Alternate Oun Position— -

^emeegency exit - Navigators Lighting (

-50 Cal. Machine 6uns

—Plasvc Nose Flat 6lass Panel^ Remote Control Chi

Twin 50 Cal.mach.(whs* Vail Ounners Entrance - Z€ ' Dia. Ta/l Wheel


-Floorboard- Pilot Room

^?A040 Ream Antenna

Main Floorboaro

Typical Pu sel age Details

\ Direction FHWE*

Antenna Mast

Line At &llsn* rjaohs

Trailing Raoh> Antenna^

^Control Houskig (p*ur) ^öombBay Poor ^Toewe Links

SCALE: See ¿a/q*t\ General Arrangemeht DATE: ftu6.!944 1 0oeing 'flying fortre55 DRAWN BY . ..

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