Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing

cockpit ventilation fresh air is induct eo into the cockpit by means of an air duct in the right stub wing flexible tubing leaos it to the cockpit at the centerline of the çockp1t forward of the joystick

—lateral stiffener wing skin

—truss member v-aft spar windshield defrosting tm| yrhosh^d • oefrosteo by the in-mamextt* qf heated air into the •hit $€ th* forward glass and the ■wtttt«if»tant glass. the heated ill 1WWII 10 from from a shroud and amgtntdthe base of the winoshield.

4 «¿tbql valve operable by the pl-l£t|v MEANS of a flexible shaft is inSTALLED AS WELL as an air filter '

us-navy f4f-3p navy f4f-3p was a modified version intended for -long range photo reconnaissance. it was equipped with UOMG range fuel tanks and a mult i ple aefgal camera installation. only a few planes were so modified

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    How to draw a cockpit?
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