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fixed panel aillions are also aero

—dynamically balanced strut extension aerodynamic data wing are a(incl 37go sqft booy) 2600sqft control surface areas total aileron areaiincl tabs) 1326soft horizontal stabilizer area 30 43" "

elevator areas ib.62 " "

total horizontal tail area ... 49 05 " vertical stabilizer area 13 20

rudder area 9 38 "

total vertical tail area 22 58 "

total WING flap area 29 70* "

airfoll wlflg root n ac a 23015

airfoil wing tip naca 23009

tajl surface airfoils. .. symmetrical mean aerodynamic chord 84 14" location of l e ma c aft l e root choho is 3 3 3"

location of the m a.c above the thrust line 6 952" incidence of the wings 0*

incidence,of the horizontal stabllzer is positive 15*_


reflector gunsight and rheostat compass ammo rounos counter emergency fuel pump phopeller RELAY engine ignition switch running lights(3)an0 switch arresting hook approach light and switch tail junction box recognition lights(3) and switch section lights and switch remote compass transmitter remote compass junction box storage battery and junction box radio junction box remote compass inverter light switch box heater junction box machine gun heaters(6)

wing ingoaro junction box.

wing outboard junction box left wing junction box fuel quantity gauge quick change disconnect mg camera m g trigger junction box right wing junction box oil temperature inoicator bulb engine tachometer GENERATOR ENGINE- DRIVEN generator ENGINE oil diverter valve ENGlNF-driven generator governor pi70t tube heating element engine emergency fuel pump engine cxl dilution valve and SWITCH instrument panel box engine tachometer indicator instrument LtGHTlNG box electrical distribution panel MAIN electrical junction box generator cutout electric FUEL primer. engine STARTER breech engine electrical junction b<* engine magne t0(2)

propeller electrical junction box. propeller brushes m g gun heaters m g ftftng solenoio instrument components engine cylinoer head temperature 10

indicator. engine ignition switch.12) clock (3)

WINDSHIELD defroster control (4) PROPELLER governor control(5) •ropellcn selector switch ano circuit breaker it) reflector type gunsight and rheostat control 171 carburetor air control (8) fuel quantity warning light19) fufl quantity indicator ho) fmeagency fuel pump switch ill) iap0metric altimeter (12) directional gyro indicator 113)

AtfWPlED inoicator (14) TURN ano bank indicator (15) BAT( of climb in dic at or 416) jyro horizon (17)

ENGINE manifold pressure INOICATORO8 ENGINE tachometer.(19)

okyqen flow inoicator (20) enoine oil oilution switch 120 cnoine gauge (22)(manif0ld pressure) engine cowl fu*p control crank (23) rudder peoal adjustment LEVERS(24) ruoder pedals (2l) navigation chart 80ard126) joystick (27) comrass (2 8)

cockpit air htake control 129)

zerk fitting shock strut link ano eccen tric stud drag link static balance forgeo castor symmetrical airfoil rib stitching — alclag skin aluminum alloy structure~

horizontal stabilizer '

stations ( i

-wings in folded pos- y

-alclad fuselage SKIN centering cable

-radio antennae tension spring ^ffil

-antenna lead- in tai, whffr, sliding canopy track ^ wnttl

- antenna mast

- removable fillet(top and bot tom surface s) -inner split flap —alclad skin over aluminum "hinge line / alloy wing structure outer split flap

% (dim along torque tube

6- v7 8?) 9 10 Hl) l£! IÖ s * 16 ; »6 (r7 J8 1^19



-torque tub* -rubber grip raoio equipment access

ANTl-StlP WALKWAY FAIRING OVER HINGE f instrument panel f4f-4

note' the instrument panel is divided into three sections the right ano left sections are fixeo in the fuselage the center panel is removable ano is mounted on rubber shock mounts statically ano dynamically ^oln^r^nrr balanceo aileron - - —• "railing eoge ground a0justa&44 balance tab^__—--"

^formation u6ht-v^prti/l i ft instrument vacuum system this system consists of the following suction regulator artificial horizon gyro directional gyro horizon engine oil separator.

engine-driven vacuum pump_


rate of climb indicator static and pressure lines removable —wing tip aileron hinge - line white dark blue formation -light vertical wing "reference plane

(HOME electrical junction box (2)

cartridge type engine starter.

enqbte oil pump fuel drain valve.

engine oil w and out lines

(ntlni oil cooler ano cooling alr duct

(LtCTRlCAL generator disconnect plug etfmmncy fuel pump f trainer.

t*g*t- driven generator •tauter cartridge stowage box dacnoheter generator.

| MB ME oil drain valve. |*g*nc oil pump bngine supercharger control Niojgller governor control box icfroster tube.

inbine starter exhaust tube mbine exhaust manifold kn*ne oil quantity dip stick.

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