Operation Of Controlable Trim Tab System Sketch

handle shaft cable drum hydraulic actuator -

forged steel linkage-

ammunition box m g.track able bomb forged forward m g mount--

bomb rack bomb BAY door bomb doors in open position---

the bullet sealing fuel cell is made of 3-pl.y laminated material u.s.rubber co 1897 fabric neoprene on the fuel and a plastic material on the exterior surface fabric retainer no 3. us rubber co u s rubber sealant the liner forms a semi-rigid self-supporting fuel cell that is shaped to fit into the wing or fuselage.

upper twin flexible m.g. install ation ifirin g position) when not in use machine guns were stowed at stations £91.75 and 312. bolted in place to clear the canopy. two hinged doors covered the guns when not in use note . for long range ferry flights,the following fuel capacities are carrieo:

bomb bay fuel tank 600 gallons _

wing tanks (right) 195 do \

wing tank (left) "19 5 00 * r fuselage fuel YANK. ""'100 do \\

external fuel tank 380 do *

note- two man crew for each bomb hoist link assembly—' beam-1 crank-

bomb bay doors actuating mechanism (bomb bay cross section)

note: bomb bay doors were provided with a cable operated system for emer gency operation. this system was operable by the bombardier.

corrugated floor fuselage belly note bomb hoists were stowed aboard the airplane.

bomb pilot's seat---

fuselage fuel tank stainless steel -firewall steel tube engine mount sheer web--7

bomb hoisting operation of fragmentation bombs fuel cell detachable wing tip wing rib structural rib-

structural rib 7--main spar formed leading edge _

lateral stiffeners ^ ^ ^

engine mount attached to loro type rubber shock mount at four points. all welded joints.--1

aft gunner's canopy ammunition boxn fuselage '--


outer wing was fabricated as a major assembly hatch fuselage armor plate m g.track bomb hoist aft shear web--1

self-aligning ball bearing inset hinge i aluminum ALLOY trim tab fabric covering formed aileron l e. pressed rib alum.allot SKIN

frame reduction — gear outer wing flap structural — frame inner wing inner wing flap outer wing aft view flexible machine guns(upper)

rame »tringer shear web fuselage -truss note'the nose gear doors wer actuated by operation of the nose gear engine nacelle and inner wing were joined in one basic assembly.

RURRFR SHOCK MOUNTS/ST EEL TUBE LAND,NG RUBBER shociy$oynt^/gtar SUpp0RT truss r------engine antl-drag ring //yinner wing twin row radial air //<r aluminum alloy st ruct ure —--cooled engine_— ■■ ,-l \ \ formers--;

swivel type gunner's seat--/

corrugated floor aft gunners compartment longitudinal — stringers transverse —frame bomb bay - doors bomb note'-engine cowl was removable in segments loading of fragmentation bombs (cross section)

^ main wing spar the main wing spar was j madefrom a special al-^ uminum alloy high strength billet. this billet was machined to the required cross section s \\landing gear doors—onasparcap milling stainless steel firewall \\_stainless steel skin covering machine. after the spar steel tube engine mount----x aft of engine exhaust exit area was milled,it was straight structural configuration of engine nacelle ened on a hydraulic press t--before installing it in a a stiffening bead--—---v aluminum alloy skin---- toole d assembly jig.

j1 forward shear web----j flush riveted

attachment —joint two speed controlable centrifugal supercharger engine---^

link assembly the fuselage was made in two halves for fast production and riveted together after all function al components were installe0

folding joint —

hydraulic snubber-

steel tube brace--

formed fairing torque link — (steel forging)

formed leading edge forward spar---

pressed rib--\

main spar--v jkr^i attachment joint the nose gear has 36 degree castoring action each side of neutral.

smooth tread low pressure tire--

steel forging split bolted fitting-v removable leading edge—* \___main spar \ n x n---wing flap x---aft shear web cross section of the inner wing ______stiffening bead

\----lightening hole

(dimensions are all shown in inches. drwg SCALE)?.-

note nose gear folos back

\ — self-aligning ballbearing inset hinge v----aluminum all.oy struct ure(riveted joints).

----fabric covering static and dynamic balanced tail surfaces

----aluminum aluoy trim tab

•--plexiglas tail light cover note each engine compartment was provided with a fire warning system ano a carbon dioxide pressure type fire extinguishing system op erable by the pilot.

magnesium wheel-

manufactured by douglas aircraft company,inc split fitting a-20 series attack bomber built for w w h. drawn by willis l.nye for model airplane news 6-7-59

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