Grumman Tbf Avenger

Tbf Avenger Bomb Bay

up locks an 0 down locks the retractable landing gear anq tail wheel are provided with an jp-lock and a down lock with an appropriate manually ope rated emergency release mechanism the retrac table arresting hook also had an emergency release mechanism operable by the pilot however.onge extended the ho ok could not 3eretracte0mant.'a_lt gross weight a maximum gross weight ranging from 15.500 to 18.100 pounds is permissible glide bombing glide bombing is permissible with the bomb bay ooors open or closed. subject to speed limitations catapault this airplane is equipped for launching by carrier catapault t0m aircraft served aboard escort carriers in world warh they were launched off these ships by means of a cata pault life raft a mark 4, type "o". oroppable life raft is stowed in the fuselage compartment- access doors are provioed on each side of the fuselagf the life raft is inflatable by means of a c02

cylinder. ^

emergency equipment .jsdtt



drinking water canteen- li i sea marker packet if»*«!®

m-8 smoke grenades |i two 5ft oars. b emergency hand pump ■

two sails. f1

smoke grenade holding clamp§t fishing kit. w matches a knife. j|

rope coil. ih chromium reflector plate. « fish spear s tire patches and rubber cem^m pliers and scissors. ^k' i leak plugs. « \

gun turret controls ■ j main control unit 1gf j master power switch ■ 1

control handle a i switch box and switches j^^^j emergency switch bombing equipment bomb bay door control handlmhbhb 1 electrical switches. mark 8 gunsight. j^wwff bomb release button hm i emergency ( bomb release haamq bombardier's electrical panel*^^^ station distributor intervalometer arm safe lever firing key tbm-3s type this type of plane was a special version modified for anti-submarine operations the gun turret was removed and provisions were made to / carry an ad0it50nal crewman plus antl submarine weaponry modification was made in the field carburetion air induction two systems of car8uretion air induction are provided. i e direct and the alternate the direct system is used for normal operations where dust. colo air. heavy rain. or icing conditions are present, the alternate sys i tem is used bombardier's compartment door this poor is located onthe right side of the fuselage between stations 186 and 216 and is supported at the forward end by two hinges engine exhaust pipes the collector pipes for the engine exhaust arf comprise d of two main assemblies but are individually not interconnected each collector pipe exhausts to right and left on the outside the collector pipes are made of stainless stee l of multiple segments joined together by connector clamps.

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  • aaron stauffer
    How to draw avengers plane?
    2 years ago
  • eric
    What type life raft was carried on a Grumman TBF Avenger?
    1 year ago

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