vacuum separator bibtrument vacuum check valve.

bmfle junction block tngme starter breech

CARBURETOR alternate air intake door engine oil tank.

ins—e oil dilution solenoid running

-light pitot head identification mark on undersioe of winga \ bullet resista^j browning m-2 caliber 50 aircooleo----/ / ! windshield aircraft type machine guns-----« /] f—---77.6B—

blast tubes-------: / L— r~mgaccess plate manually operable gun chargers ' ' p-86——

ammo boxes and feed chutes--^ carburetor air .nouct,on—

curtiss type constant speed variable pitch aluminum alloy blades---y curtiss type automatic electric governor pilot operates the sel- /

ector switch and rpm. is governed and remains constant __

engine mount__- within operating limits of the governor ~c--^ -


1 c^j--qr-engine support ring p,t0t heao-^

t<\ s^ if\/-oynafocal mounting lug stainless steel—y /


/ • FIGHTING lDENT|FiaAtlOH(lp43)


^t^--engine cowl flaps were operable by pilot

--by means of a mechanical linkage n----engine cowl panels are removable .

-access plate

-reflector gunsight

-radio antenna statically ano dynamically balanced ruoder fabric covering settings ano ranges of move-

inset ball bear- ments of control surfaces ing hbige—j ailerons joystick in neut r al ..5/8" •insulator up j9m F m-iqp2/ ' oown

v.' r access plate elevators up

ruoder right/left 3l#

elevator up 5*30*

down 13*50"

ruoder 'right 1^21'

statically and left 22"#'

dynamically aileron : up 20

balanceo elev- oown zo•

' /— rw stttchtng cable controls el e vat ors, ruoocr aft running tail wheel center*g-light gun chargers

/ fairing push-pull tube arresting ailerons.

----hook mechanical linkage

(retractable) enghe cowl flaps

grumman aircraft engineering corporation (f 4 f pl an e s)

wing flap operating system ttcuum tank (low pressure) xalve. selector type). a01 chcc* valve wing flap actuating cyliners12). auxiliary return springs(2)

removable 7 - panels / canopy track alclao skin-access plate adjustable trw tab blue white. le ao - in pilot's oxygen system oxyben fuow inoicator.

dejjter demano oxygen regulator oxygen shut-off control valve oxygen b0ttleí5i4 cu bm fuel system enbme junction block ingbie-oriven fuel pump fuel strainer. droppable fuel tank. fuel tank selector valve. fuel selector valve control fuel check valve. fuel tan*.

fuel quantity transmitter e»*rgenct fuel pump_

propeller controls flexible control assembly propeller governor circuit breakers •elector switches reset switch

^ oouble mounting l--bracket assembly aft view of engine showing oynafocal installation ano engine mount left side lanoing gear is mechanically retracted into the fuselage by the action of a handcrank operated by the pilot 28 revolutionsof the hanocrank are re -ouired to raise or lower the lanoing gear the position of the lanoing gear is shown by an indicator .linked mechanically to the handcrank reouc tion gearbox. the landing gear trtuss structure is of welded steel tube shock strut—' low pressure tire hydraulic brakes removable panels vision panel--

engine oil cooler stepceach side)— navy insignia-* /

tricing sling support tube---' /

shock absorbing self-aligning. full swivelling, tail wheel with udw pressure tire---------'

all dimensions are inches• scale drawn by willis l nye for model airplane news 11-3-sb

Model Airplane News

- trim tab presseo rlbs onset ball bearing. self-aligning hinge armament mstallatdn the armament of the f4f-4 consists of six 30-caliber machine guns. three mounted in each outer wing panel six ammo boxes six electrical gun meat-ers.ano sixmanuallly actuateo bun changers comprise accessor eoulpmoft. anel£ctrical reflector type 00n sight is mounteo on th£ fuselage cowl forward of the pilot the firmq of the guns is oontrolleo btatribqer on the joystick firing action ib by means of an electrical solenoiothe guns are fed by means of a metallic disintegrating unk belt. the guns are secured to the gun mounts by mark i quick detachable trunnion bolt assemblies and mounting posts blast tubes protect the internal wing structure from the explosive blast of the cartridges. the guns can be fweoswgly or m salvo by means the gun selector switch a gun camera is located in the left stub wing (16 mm.) there 8a provision for a tow target installation a pyrotechnic rstol is carried in the oockpit floor to the right of the pilot three mk-3 rocket launchers are mounteo on the unoer-side of each wing the rockets ar e fir-eo electrically, in pairs or single note elevators are cable operateo trim tabs are operated similarly to the aileron trim tabs by means of an actuator unit — - f wiring diagram packet arresting hook control-throat microphone switch lanoing flap control map case,--7

canopy---7 i check li


oxygen shut-off valve - -radio range receiver- -iff control unit electrical power receptacle pilot's distribution panel mumTIQM AM INDUCTION SYSTEM ■MAm HITARES(2V


mea ve* duct tUAJff air door mt throttle control i WrruHE CONTROL «RCHAR6ER CONTROL

torque tube r TAB

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