British Designations

Britain's Royal Air Force identified its airplanes by given names rather than model numbers, so the diverted French DB-7s and the new American models were named "Havoc" and "Boston".

Havoc /—Former French DB-7s modified to British

1,600hp Wright R-2600-A5B

A t left: an early Douglas A -20A. Note the DB-7B-type nose, external pack for nose machine guns and use of rudder stripes and two wing stars before the marking change of February 1941. At right: an A-20G-40 with four. 50-caliber nose machine guns and a long-range ferry tank under the belly.

Twin Cyclone engines and higher vertical tails. All DB-7As ordered by France were delivered to Britain.

DB-7B— Further improved models ordered by Britain.

7B, 480 were ordered by France in May 1940. They were redesignated by Douglas to distinguish them from the differently equipped DB-7Bs for Britain.

standards. Four different missions were performed by Havoc Is, with the following special configurations: 1. Intruder— Essentially

French DB-7s with British armament and instruments replacing the French originals.

2. Night Fighter—These had solid noses containing British Al Mk.IV radar, eight .303-cali-ber machine guns and a crew capacity reduced to two.

3. Pandora—Twenty DB-7s with bomb bays modified to carry a large aerial mine and 2,000 feet of cable. The object was to trail the mine ahead of enemy bomber formations and hope that it would hit one.

4. Turbinate—Twenty unarmed ex-night fighters fitted in the nose with 2,700 million candlepower searchlights for finding and illuminating enemy aircraft for the night fighters.

Havoc II— One hundred ex-French DB-7As converted to night fighters with 12.303 guns in a solid nose.

Boston /—Twenty of the earliest French DB-7s used as trainers by the R.A.F.

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