(opposite side) access plate gun camera nose ring removable panels access plate fuel is supplied by an engine-driven fuel pump an electrically-driven fuel pump is also available to maintain fuel pressure in emergency or when the pilot is switching from one fuel tank to another.

flying characteristics longitudinal stability 15 normal with the c.g as far aft as 29 ®x» m. ac elevator forces are heavy. lateral stab* iuty is normal in the clean configuration aileron control is heavy at small angles of deflection and less at large angles. directional stability is normal in the clean condition however, lowering the landing gear ghangesthe stability a-bout the three major axes. the change instability can be overcome by operation of the controllable trim tabs. flight forces on the trim tabs are nominal.

access plate—

tape and stitched rib \

trim tab-----1 v swivelling retractable tail wheel assembly blue and white insignia aft gunner's window ground lin e(at rest) tire inflation on tail whe land based 95 ps.i. carrier based 110 ps.i internal arresting hook for carrier landings--

(retractasl e type)

n--wing hinge axis \

hydraulically actuated two segment bomb v- bay doors

""--lanqiamygear cut-out

-— "— drag strut recognition lights landing angle 11.25*

engine cowl flaps — engine exhaust pipe l.g.side strut l.g fairing--

34x9 l.g.tire shock strut-

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