And Performance


102 ft.

High Speed



69 ft., 4 in.

Cruising Speed...


Wing Area

..1,279 sq.ft.

Initiai Ciimb

.. 250 ft./min.

Empty Weight

...36,457 lbs.


19,000 ft.

Gross Weight

...68,000 lbs.


2,530 miles

Trim Tabs Aircraft

303 caL twin machine guns in all powered-turrets j /-trim tab

/balance tab fabric covered elevators mass balance all metal stabilizer de-icing strips flame damper computing sight

Green-haze and sandy-brown camouflage on top surface only. Dull-black on side and lower surfaces flame damping exhaust muff carburetor air intake glycol cooler oil cooler ^

\ hinged leading edge cabin air intake

____ground line at rolling radius fabric covered ailerons formation light

Rolls-Royce "Merlin XX" -1.260 h.p. engines

-flap panel / fairing panel / molding strap six-inch squares trim tab balance tab navigation light^ observation blister direction finder navigator's sighting dome upper powered-turret rear powered-turret/ radio antenna- /fV\ i

II ^front powered-turret de-icing strip

DeHavilland constant-speed full-feathering propellers trading radio antenna-" ^ telescoping ground post^

landing gear door----

tanding gear actuating arm all metal rudders and vertical stabilizers

^ camera apertu xfront entrance

xantenna mast static suppressor rear entrance---1

lower powered-turrel identification light

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