Series Attack Bomber Built For Wwit Drawn By Willis L Nye For Model Airplane News

Escher Drawing

bombardiers equipment camera control box-vacuum type camera switch interyalometer. fluorescent lamp lock and salvo lever —

bomb arm-safe lever airspeed indicator free air thermometer emergency bomb door control. magnetic compass / i altimeter. , \ i plexiglas" £

hydra'jlical'.v actuatec trailing edge a'ins flap 45* maximum depression no INTERMEDIATE 3E T TiKG

bombs released in salvo in the order indicated-

l#angle of incidence

safety equipment ilong range) very pistol ano cartridges life raft dye markers. emergency rations. canteen.

portable emergency raoio. concentrated k-ratlons wing root bombsight in case bombardment -nose bombs released electrically in same order as station number.

wing flaps were fully extended for take-off airfoil and trailing edge wing flap wing span 746

bombardiers compartment black anti-glare area propeller (lower blade vertical) spinner---7


2 bombs each outer wing-

bomb support assembly-*—

omb in attached position hoist assembly-^ cable ^^ /

section a-a electrical bomb solenoio-

wing bomb rack assembly (bombs released electrically reduction gear-

upper engine cowl flapi detail of wing bomb installation and hoisting operation walkwa crank for combat missions no deicer boots were fitted to leading edges of wings or tail surfaces.

communication equipment M

pilot's cockpit:

receiver remote contrql4*). increase output control.

"a-b" switch mcw-mcwmswitch increase output switch.

Tone cw-mcw*switch.

transmitter"on- off"switch. transmitter control box. transmitter selection switch receiver control box. interphone switch box. interphone jack box. iff controls.

"acgess plate at^ach^ent joint(

fixed canopy—^ aft gunner's sliding canopy-

flight controls aft cockpit— —

entire wing skin is flush riveted tion l1g (white)

^bushed bearing

/ landing gear support structure

-steel tub I truss attached to main spar

-hydraulic actuating cylinder wing flap movement

wing flaps interconnected

/-mounting lug x—rubber cord bungee ,folding linkage hingeo -doors impact fuse;?

folding linkatt brace strut actuating - linkage multiple disk hydraulic brakes landing gear ,- door typical wing bomb (side view)

hinge line fillet i-

actuating tube torque link-

access plate pneumatic-hydraulic shock cylinder inset hinge formation light

armor plate cantilever axle landing gear had a down lock and an uplock.

pilots seat towing link front view view looking aft

(dimensions are all shown in inches. dr wg. sc ale hydraulic brake line balloon tire -

lo'dlhedral \ ^ i on tail areas—> f-—310b—24 —|

taped and stitched rlq —

fabric covering over metal structure trim tab angular movement |4°up or down-----f manufactured by douglas aircraft company inc note : the cockpit configuration shown ks basic. various mod els differed in minor details and placement.

main landing gear (r.h shown-l.h. similar)

Pilot's cockpit arrangement

magnesium wheel

—rib stations all-metal trim tab a-20 series attack bomber built for w.w.e. drawn by willis l.nye for model airplane news 6-7-59

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