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Tht> Cone

1 Thft ,-Wfl Ir drawn us "ö an ellipse tornrl.î's r:if the oase tu tjivy u three di-rcn? o -al irr i^rnss. or,. I ha art work is, .-i;-..-.:r.-r. with maskiny Mint tii id rhe cono shape r.i jt ni it.

2 h tms exanpie iiluctnotcr hsr, r.r-niRfin thr* leti-"ar iu etigc of the-cone tn h« sprayed irdt- I tie coto»' --:■ raken thn ms3käo ad^ ano g'EdEtod ri' link y as it cornea aruuno towards the center of the cone, Wncn spraying 0 nnns, it is irnpur-lani '.o 'íiíiXJTibor iHfli thscdcy should Uu upplicd Irani the hass to ine ;<jp tt-d ttiy úioa sprny&l fitwuld f(v"flw the overall ape cf +>o r.nn<¡>.

3 I \ le at! 11'- exercise ift named ou L on i.tie r'tjtii rand sido hut, as with :he cylinder, fc color is nn; concentrated on i1'« nmakrxt «Ige; it Ifi nrnught ir aliyti'.iv I o j ûw 5 mfisntfid highlight to hs shown, Ayain ihe color B gr-xintsd nulekly towards tin, uentei id erca'e 'tin main highlight.

Four Cones Icon

4 TtiA I *>ai Rfaqe is the w noval or the making tllir. Tne cone is wíCi i £.3 c. complets thnsfi-aimensiuritil or ri ».vitI"i the c^n'ra -0"iifiht ar id soil shading croai-ç a 'i.atln" finish -se that ul i I iL* „vi no: -



Ulis teeluiique is oil tbe s-Liitjc lirifs »s. ANGl.H>.sPliA¥i\'fi, mosr HAiKINO tltld iukn lAftK maskinlj.

and reference should oJw he made to them ivhen following lile SCqUL'tlLO llJubUülL'J lieie.

The advantage of r,irrt hoard a* a masking material Is that It i.s ruailjly uvailubk1 jnd inexpensive -yon ran usp pi#f("l Ifft over from ottilr studio projette- It tan be il sei I tn mast particular sli.i;n'\ quite uccurutel;- und Iy créate various vdgp qua]trie*, but as it is opaque, it is Jess versatile than aee-Liile ur masking film.

Straight Eriqa

A piar* of stralgh'-ecoíd ^ndboart ■-os bo:--! oic fa: o- the artwork; the- area 0"' cgloi 'csulting "re-r spray n<¿ O'h'S1 .he et'dboard I i¡j¿ ü soll but u ear y del "ee eeys.

Shaped Edge

1 A raises nJ r,ajdhoard has hse" r.ijf :o.i onfdfrtfirir;"ion i.haos, - this a gen" e CUIM?.

Shaped Edge

1 A raises nJ r,ajdhoard has hse" r.ijf :o.i onfdfrtfirir;"ion i.haos, - this a gen" e CUIM?.

2 11 us II is" aie -m the artwork anu, after sprayn^, shews e^airi vie ■¿ ear'y del "eu oui soli euye.

3 W"en :ie same stiapeo 'ras-: is usan, bu' held above rathe- than or. trfi artwork, res., tim edris is gradated and nr .,ch soft='■. Hi ia to residual color socp-rg irdc lio ■lardbeciic. The furthc :hc ca d Ligare -i held ion lie suf'tce wln.ii yp'tyiny. the riere v I use lie elleid im

Torn Edga

I A oisepi n; r,a-d has hafr tor-1 Ir hal' This car. ho Honn y or frtiowro 1 ,iB-:r:il guirte, o..t intha ,vn=r rate, reoiomberao thil if is nfil posfih-s to aohlftve absolute accuracy

2 1 *ie ehecl ac eved Tram sprayry ever the tor" eege \v~en :he nas*;s 'aie Pa: o" tr.e adv.'or-i n ThReffK* ichio'.'ftd whs" 1M mask s he- cl aooeo tho al1.vede showing ire toud dif ^sccJ. gin dated edge. Again '.lie variation n .he degree yl yraua.oM cui i Oe coi ilro ee v/ '.he tfisltrce the ids-is held away from II artwer*

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