Tapl Masking

RtrpU; tviio do (.liytliiisf work use .1 craTispstert sell adbstsivt mask lan tapi, cjliuJ irivjiibli! ruask-

I ¡=| ■. :l [ l|_ . 'rl'llll.l] ij niLllllJ-iU]!:, I H.'l.l.

!■ is s 11 i r m 1 > I c"- foi drawing or inVIng cm, and therefore Ideal tor repair-itLg drawings, especially when ilicse are preparid un drafting fiiin. Ellis tape :,> also useful in qrriiTLiflJllnE when, in '.iie example i, I unrated here, small jn-:is have ifi-i-n exposed out of ■.L^ueuee. II may be cut and used i ■ i he same way as masking film i '■! similarly has a Low-lack adhere which does no damage lt> ihv j-fwnrk.

1 ReTttring to tr.e oxamos doser oed and illustrated tlpdar the hssdlrq rn v VvY;hiNS, staoep. ■ ha uifl c.' (ajie nrafcklnri ais rhnwn hem In i'hh pfn.o^is of out" "g ono nemo'"' rtg t rn for different aiocs o' tlio less, o p':cc o" filn woe la\or off oipmtiluioly Ma;ii tranapaii if Lupe was usee b re-uuver re trxposeo pelal, which was .fieri e^l lo s"a[>s.

f? With) "o :ap*: ip place. flu: petal was sprayed ooire&aondii'iy ,o Uie -c-iooL prdi;: ii i '.I it1 seuuei ise.

3 VVIie" co'nolete, Ihe farisparen: Lape was Iried of and "lis sp:Tayinrj »quancfi eonnnuarl i'FMPI AITS ■ TOKN l-Afl.K

2 A circle o,, da template has been ...sad ha<n hn->- cling r away from one lay it on ine arlwor't. us in Hit orovious example.

I I1 scfi11 aids in airbrushing are the many and various die-cut templates used in dialing ill us I rations. I hcse arc used in much ihe Mine ways as hund-cut sienclls. The example which follow show simple applications lor ellipse, ljicIl* and punch luj ve template*.

1 here are two things which need parljculai attention if you lire using plastic templates In air-brushing One is that the sprayed color dries slowly on the plastic, so you should make sure the underside of the template is clean and all excess color lias he^n wiped away if you aie using it more than once. Also, I: the template consists of multiple shapes, use tape tn mn.sli off the ones .surrounding those fieiriH sprayed; otherwise, residual color may tall through uud cieate sbad-owy silhouettes where cnlnr is not wanted.

1 .3 example demonstrates trc use o; a typical ellipse template. The spraying is directcd through ti c ieguircd nuu uid ui yltsyl U u? oae, either (is Hat cole1 ur, ay l-sre. yradalsd color. H e uppermost ellipse "as oeeri sprayed holding the Template at a distance away from ■'¡a arfwnr<, while on '^e lower nna ■--a tarr nlate r^e baen aid on the s..-face of :'"o 'artwork

3 This shows a French curve '.^n kj used in .no sai ne two wuya, I he use ul hunch curves, as with Hriy template, needs special caretc prevent residual cclo' from firing sprayed aTiund Those oafs of tra r,,,'va oat nso.i 'id

2 A circle o,, da template has been ...sad ha<n hn->- cling r away from one lay it on ine arlwor't. us in Hit orovious example.

iorn paper masking

If the evterioi silhouette being sprayed Is not confined by predetermined dimensions Lojjj papei L'Lin be nit effective fnrm of mask-iiij!. To illusLrate one application, It might bf required to rrp.ite an impression ot the sea, and torn paper prepared in a vaiiely or wave shapes could h<> used to define the waves over a pro sprayed law color By slightly moving the toui paper horizontally 10 the left or tight a tier the 'nit spray, the waves will take on ;i quite eon vlnring appearance, albeit iti ii stylized manner. Reference should Litsu be inude tu iv,11:1 spp. wino, i '.mllwl-utl) mask t; imd h him viASHlNe..

Special Effoets

1 n this example of üpyuüti e lee a simple- ¡instruirai i ul receo-;\i mountains iy shuwM, arm ir the I ra". ctage, a iom puw ur thin cardboard niusk ia pteoKned rho bcrda' ol ,"e illuslra'io" 3 protected with trashing film weh w1 p-ta -< n

pace until Tie final stags. Nota thai what haa oeen removed fi"ori "na paper mask s tha shape nf "ha mountain, anc ~ot tha surrounding arna. Haraufie tn s riraf shape will .:■:■ in T-a fnnsgrourd "lie mask is posl torrsci on thn lower oat of t~e artwor*

? The f ret aoplicc.tion C culor ia spraye* ir tian&M'fcfU wtTyicolur, giodutii iy Iroiri the Icy lu bottom ol Hie 'tvjunlbin, Aa viis mountain Is i«urea. Ue observer, the rr-mqtl-ol eelc" and shad s rha mnsl intense - the subssqusnl stages R"ow a ararn ial softening r,f ton-: vali las as -nay apocar to recede V.rr thn absolve

3 A new s Kane If. ten ntn Ihn pape onfiitlo-ed on thn ad'/.'ck ard sprayed " a si ghtly less in'ense color

*1 The prrcess '-s continued t.j tl iy TlpreSiinn of dop'.i s intfcaieO. t wi ne ■"oted that c-apcic already ffj'uved o c not or-otoetod oy u iriyâk. Thiî. cnsL. 'es that the tonal value ol "Jicçe shoots tepteaeri ig 'nou!'-".ains ■■ frynl u Tie une Cu-rently being -¿urayed -stain hflir s:rengt~.

an;l "lie ¡r. ^práy^l- a Is s lig^ty grao.mn Bp^te' of celo1 mn ning fom the top of thr- arfwnhj re a evul i■ i■.-1 a aovo the mounts - tapi.

í Ar¡ain t"í=¡ s'iapa is changed eprsv^rl r^ns lightly, it covering lesb asœ than haf-nna

7 Whfln ths vary pale shapes il i tl le fi' diatar-ea hava osan comp e:ed. 'he te n papar ma.sks a^a discarded

6 Another bsskgrpurJ shape is spraye., [tialnfajn tha íharías as"ah ahsc previous y a Tha masking film ealinent ~g the eurer heidir'i cf Illustration s no-v -tTïdîflSl a'd rha final ■esult y jcs an ■ jsien of clepvi, dlStahK ai id '¿puse.



This technique relets to objects *liicti an,- transparent to a greater or lesser extent 11 requiic-s a far ycater control In the application of sprayed color fliari ducs I he rtpresentation nf.snlid objects, keausc it Is easy to overspray and in so doing lo knock hack the transparent effect, in which cone tile [jidc-c.'s> lias to start jjjain. Tile example used here lo lilusuate liansparency is a simple cube. and no allowances are made lu include reflected colors or highlights which might be apparent trom surrounding objects.

In advei lisin^ illustration, there are many examples of iih|emairbrushes! in lliis way which would not. In reality, hi-trampa rent Many uftbese illuv ihitiuus conic from (he Imagination ot Ihe illustiator arid jrvdyne 10 achieve a particular ' "ii'fi and often fui impact, 'to .inch tins standard requires skill, practice und an understanding of -hecliangc-s 111 li^ht and reflections as seen through .1 ■.luKsjurtrit object, ohoshno Is very innrh relaied to this tech-I ".que., and the two may be used together in order 10 gain a bc-tler understanding ot the application ui transparent effects.

1 I lie drawing ot a cubs show all sx taces has r>s«n p'aoasd a-"d covanad wth mask f rn. The naturally vaihla left-ha-d face in the foreground is exposed end sprayed •A'i-h a gradated shade o^ celui -un ning from the- cad no cvj, I y that furthest away f'on die observer,

2 I tie rtj"t-h3id faoa Is now cu* and sprayed, aoa.o wlh 9 graciareo shads, hut 'no Tithe extreme r.git hard adge towara :he oaong odco

3 The top, ncizoiral pane is ¿uray-ed next, the shading r. ■■■■no Irdrn

4 Tha Innsr 'ara of t-e oube lying no "ha qro..~d plann is sorayed non:, wl:;? tho death of s~oe -e gradating ^rorr the furthest oor nc- awt.y I rum 'he obsowor toweid t' e ending edge coi ~cr.

5 I tie verroal artga rapfwaitiro th.-so-Tier of ths cube fi irlheat sway fron 'ha nbsa'var a naskso ano sprayao with a graoa'ao shade run-nog from lelf to ight

0 I tie leb-iano "er faoa at tha oack of the r,..ns is sprayed wif gradated ?.-aoe

l i-1 itilly. all risking I rr is renovad.

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