Lettering Techniqits


Tin.- uw uf Lin airbrush in lettering is helpful when tlat 01 gradated euiur J1 jL'Ljlijied as l1 hacMnnp, r>r when a characters or words arc to be treated as objects and sprayed lo give form This Is often seen In advertising, a typical example Lwini! the tL'ttdeiitig of words and letters to create the impression that they are made ot chrome, ui some other highly reflrvtive material.

Using StHt-adheslve Masking Film t r>ie '¿¿j is 3Brji uwac.er"E' ">as been d'twn ori detail paper yrie transferred to boa-d A sheet u mask t rn is appeei an,d the s'lar SOtfl' o„t out.

2 Thfl 11m cover the character is removed. a~d the expcsec shape is tnai aprayad In r-a mc.i -Rd cobr one stvle e' 'Inlsh; ham the paint has been gradated leavi-o i atlantad i ugl ihylit, or glow, to :~c lower par: •ji H ie far actor.

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