Lettering Tec Hnqve

Using A Sfenr.il

1 Ths style of letter fori is now drawn on stiff carobosrd end t^e s^apo orir out In ■Jno example srown, the character is cornpara t vcty easy to work with, I lavi'-y only straight ■ & any iiyh; wiyiea, Otlie'a w" oh incoroora-.a curves and acute a"gles msy appear neat a"d ar.r,.,'fitB at tha s_anr.ll s'aga hir any slight lirae^asnans In cutting w na mnra than natioasalp ar the f - fihrro artwork. P-actice in cut* ig c there torn rercrnnended

\i Henuviny ctjrdooa'd stows Hint the character "as slightly soft edges as a result ot residuai coor soaping under fia adgss of the sterol,


Using Dry-transfer Lettering t An iialiu character "E" 'seen rubbed dowi i gn board

3 The dry-trarisler character Ik remover. ny us'riy 'w tack draftnn tsoetn pink I up. Although no: shown In -his wcample, it is ofcvour.-ly posslb'e to spray a secui id coo-1,'vC'i ooth He r.hq-actsr aric exis'.ina bate color FuPher charades ray tilac oe aid on tnp of tre base wb; Wen '.ho area a m-sprayed arid Po charade rcTtovad they would aopea- ci i ".he artwork Ir, the o-igiritl base eolur, However, wtrene care Is needed iri renewing the dr,'-Transfer la-fenny ao as ~ot to camena ihs sprayed cdor under-eat h or, indeed, rhe surrounding color.

2 \iV~ai will become the utsckgncuno Oi ba&: color Is t'~an sorayed over (I iu character ann surraundiny y.-ca.


Judas Piiest Ma-rk VYilhinSyn

Tft yllyrii iy rep'oduL-^d atsova is a efcijïe aiflippla id how two words ma L*ssn rendered witn an alrnttifi" ■■■'dr-T almost maker, th^n an .?. :-itrn on the r own t is -earescnta l'.'Stïi h ■ iï=nrl '.»/noli 6tai$s| iii ' i(j ard .shows ttlo sign of ab.i: r r= /ks a Style, t is vei y uypul.ir ■

advert sing ard die mus:c wo-ld; tfs example above is the ïama o-" a group a -tirushad -or ths tour posters.

The aopmaeh has been tc crestc a" rnpne&sion e; a highly pc sh-rd a- :l siT'i-iitl i sui faced iiiorullio lyye. As a tec ■ ■ quy. I yllwicosey

Wl.fl t' iJ.dlfS^nbw Ivy tiH"UMt

EMS s. e*cep. fat an in Ian: o1 ¡ally Sr^a^yfated choice oîç.ûtars has been used I land-edgeo in.' mas*^. has beer, used 'hno-r.'out With an gjxtànsiysi use b* relocted oalois. I he yihote imagd relies selely en t-c osier ane ¿hading tc hod it loyslh-O1, a:; nc ■■ -c ■■ - as beirfi jsed. Iri ntisk "g letter :errr is vv <;h are shown w tti beveltd edges. acrv irate a d near mask art is essen" al f-rir as cmt iripsrfecflen wo.. :1 sco-■ jump ' o.,t a~d spe. I the ilh is1 ■ itinn

□lack Cadillac Dave Bull

Th s is t"c i tie f'on a porter illustra tien wl lie! i .a'j husr 11 mi id- tir aw nr i a style beht'.iriy he period of ttie sar. h e -ertoeririg has betr exaci.tedtr) make thrt flîte-lng appear back and s" ny. Aga n, as with the hccy of ca-. p. ¡re olaek bias not beer ..flfid -yci i a s y sa? a p.,-a tSfjsk with no color bias - but b ahd b ^e-back have be;-"1 dicorri The too half cf fe let'jcm g. down to thy ttepj eeucc i ii .jl' ii jiest" tn>g ttie rel action uif mag "dry tionzo" "e. ¿tans wi'.h an ppaqua b .¡a black gradated ito deer. fill ie whir.- 1 turn e-adales Irrc a vierv- psk- tjluo i,.Sf ahc^ ^"e hnrirnn From tie -On^nn ne oowr, gray t aekllLiri open r.nrayed 111 a 01"O1-.. toward Tie base cf each chanter. Tn guarantee a" ccjal and eve nilmber of gradared tores, <j- e:te-ing wjoo d haw teen maskeci and soiaye;l at :ae same tu nu

The coi -ipk;tis illuajralloii Nui u v.'fncl i .1 us- htly was .akei i ean be :*jwi i u11 payes " Ctt ¿ind 105,


line control

Using Masking Film

This illustration st*ows a naga? ia covs-, on which the initials ÜI h&ve uco - drawn Three c ncnscally or a hasa raprasamng a two- point perspective yncJ. The technique Involved covering tha at work wKh masking ilru and cut. 'iy alcriy east oftrcgrid iosc three íes wane ef" enverno while the oasft color of ciark Lilutf WHS Stayed Win.:" li e cob1 was 'he rgr-t density the tihr was renovad and a paler olue was cve'-■iOiayed x- tint the gi d linca.

Line control techniques develop, with practice, the ikilh needed in controlling and handling the airbrush. In application,, any of the techniques shown can he used as part ot ttie jfctieral pro-Less of arriving at a finished piece of artwork and, more often, in adding the finishing tyuuhes which en h an re rhe derail of an illustration, freehand Spraying i tus pi lutograph demonstrates a vital elenent in the ability tn onntre an airbrush. It shows the Ireehand use of an aiib'ush to produce fine, stralgh: "as. The n ti;; problem wen %st aCcmpting *jtís is the ten de'oy to sp'ay Unas which c j'vs towure the éneo, this ,s because of lha rat./al. flawing n'oveirwnT of the htfid h? id h oc/iso-ous el led is mquiiec- ta prwem t

Using a Ruler

" a pheioyraph i"Otvs a line being sprayer, with aid of a r., ar. Tha ruler 'riL-st be field a. an angle until the lino is compctco with "he oor-;c' air press^'e, Wren us this 'aeh-*" 'i|L'd ci' f n shed atwo'k anc with c. mask to protEKT the? ones or the line, it is always acvisablc to sti'T and fin Ish rha Una an tha na sk ig f a', rattier "."an at .tie edges el masked srai:-:, to avoid including any ragulari:y caused by starting ario stopping :■ ic "low cf reo „m thnouo" tha alrhr.is".


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