Airbrushing Techniques

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5 ftlBBBOórc aran nf ¡imm'fir: :. ■: ■ ■= iri 1n 'he t;1p hait ;.if the cy " j» not to spray toc¡ heavily a?; the cO<OÉ if. oiT.n.irih-o:«?Jn into í-e ame of the white highlight.

ti i| it irif.jikTiy i i prttec'jng itSí budyol Lheoy "ds-1 iy 'trw/yd- tiníl a thiri lyh.iiyht ¡a scatctied with ai i at knife along fne curv«c¡ edge hsfuvflan Ihe hnoy anr. the sno Df "ha nvlinder.

Ü AjlC'^ICt jpí.^ut whlt'i? higr i^r t i:; -jpyhfJ fre^tíinu wer the ih-üíj' l liyl ihyti, Ut^k ¡i i s.ayií

Ü AjlC'^ICt jpí.^ut whlt'i? higr i^r t i:; -jpyhfJ fre^tíinu wer the ih-üíj' l liyl ihyti, Ut^k ¡i i s.ayií

5 ftlBBBOórc aran nf ¡imm'fir: :. ■: ■ ■= iri 1n 'he t;1p hait ;.if the cy " j» not to spray toc¡ heavily a?; the cO<OÉ if. oiT.n.irih-o:«?Jn into í-e ame of the white highlight.

( Uslnc opsííje wiite, an intense i iihi i? sp^ay&d f';eh:-.i"-:l er d in jte.ecpfawfriato emrerof the Dosty nl"i:cyli"dgi.

7 ""if body of tie cylinder s nnw re cevnrad witft nask "q f'Urd the and ol tbft nylinnar is expose:! fn| Sprayfra To írriahasiíe the edgs of the eylinecr the 0toris applied ver t;ally and gr.-.k.ted gijnf iglv. I j ii-it. ¿llüW hg v.. I ieie'-t lySiy.'tj y i:ykjr 1-0 f^tn.'iid uver tilt; Wl viste JUr'aye ol Lh.e end oiave.

10 'e surround rig -Hashing ¡ta is ránxwfld, reveathe finished ardite With nro'L1 practice, and by nhñfifvlnrj nsarnprs, h w stton be appiiretfii that uisnf: aie nan1/ ■-■c.riaticnc aocs ale- i fo íóerif i.-J i iiyi "ily po ji kíJ yui ayey iwjhi ay mI iruue.

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Cround/Sky Htflltfctiun

1 Jsirig Hhj sbfi <i HTiige -"'O cylin oer Is drawn s"d Lwfed with rras-iing 'Mm. 'ie end ol t"e uyliiidcr is nrepared fee sp-sying ard ar acetate mos* if. overlaid, ■.»/riich has tjgen clT tc fellow a- approximate twUon" level across thS center of Iht; cy 'njyr I I us exposed eras is sytayed will i grudatod color, jsiro •.•¡-'lluv.' c-liri-1 und vandvke- to repiesc 't i.ito base or ground which would be roToctcd in the cylinder i I'il- ysiigw othic i sprayed first. covedr ly '.he wl lule ur&i. ~ 1 J is followed t>y an ««rap1 ay ul vtsi'dyke brown, hut concentrating :he color at the to(:- eboe of the rask, which rupf events the refected "horizon " If us s yiodu'.ud down into the yellow ochre Lul i ol so that it. eQvrdra it.

4 The acetate mask is remover, and tin;- iclccx-c co'o' "or th.- -.kv s sprayed uyt." being graca:ec ton die '.Co tc ."e "hurizgn "

2 "he acetate mask is removed, and h,,e istren sprayed iroui thy tnp cf -he cylinder end, yadatii ly downward toward T-a "hodzon." Ic be etter-.iwe, I his cnlnr should have enough gradation to ai'ow the white cf fc toaid tn r.nne thro.,o~ between the brow- and the nine, as ■¿¡I own hcc. The end o' the cylinder s now uuiupleted.

3 The maakiny iiiri is 'solaced eve* tre sorayed aret, any M iti I 'n pro tecting t"e body el re cylinder la ■sroved Another acetate mask j prepared to al ow sxpes^-e ol the oiee covering 'he gro..-d from tra 'horizon'' down I'his s sp'ayed . .¿ing tho sane rokJi? follnwlng the stiirio aequo" ce as ""or the snn u' '.tie U'/lindei.

5 Tre near edge be,ween the cn: ann the rady of trie cylinder shy i I lighted by scratchirij out color wiLi ' on a* knife. T- s is 'oHO'.veci ba vuiiiycd highlight of opaque whits

1 vrediateiy above the ''tcrizon'' h* ¿juiuijtf ll-io booy of tho cyl icer, using ¿in ooetatc -rusk to otflfecifn background color.

4 The acetate mask is remover, and tin;- iclccx-c co'o' "or th.- -.kv s sprayed uyt." being graca:ec ton die '.Co tc ."e "hurizgn "

6 A - or tghf. again ol opa^te w" te, Is sorayed reer,arid cri Uuh the -ear ic- art a-d appraxirm ly in the renter of the body c; tia ey -de- Roth a-a pnsltorad a:lh |o/el of tre -etler.ted "hor7on."

The End Tha Soin

Metallic Lu|j fittings I : John Brettoner rilnntfi filmiiar tn rhose appear ft) on His KLrfiiñ of chrome w ne soin rr. any highly reflective and po:iîhad surface, auch as orass, coopcr o-j -, s-eo This festtatiófT ci hvo ingle fâuoa flanking eac^i side of a i n.ící Iûulic et ic an exo-cm oxampl^ a ¡jfhü.vone illuStiùtOr liai auiXesi-■ ifv i lj! idtr'ti'J l"e same subite: with rasditterwif inn-tn o linisnas. ~"e i flat on lhe laft Is of brass.; the thmv r, ha 'riddle hS.s e seni-gloss e'arneled Uriah and tfe one en "is right -as a chroma finis".

The -na.orl-..' of ewam nies ni air-hroftheci çhreiîrre fincha* in iilusfa-lionT. can bo found 00 veh¡oie-s ss demonstrated under "m^NsrCfTT [oagjs 38 " it) Howevier, wh c vehic 05 spend much. 1 no'. all, of îheii wso ii i Ihy opyi 1 si d ',1 leielore '.ho render "y ol ttieit ehren eu surges erics ilsel1 :o rel ecliuns ol heri/ons and toe tí ot tne shy, t"s Is iot aopronra_a to objets sean Insioe. A oorrnmrr fie s rhemnrn necessary, espeois y it. -as in the

IHüatratlnn reproduced he'e, no surrounding objects or surfarefi a-e included. I Inrte: si ich r, rrY.-risrannsí. the illustrator nesoc to Studio she: ohotcgrsohs ""or lefcrcncc. or, as is inore likely, his or her skill and knowedgeof tiow eonpoune sui lates apoear wtien ellecliny ncf'itj nice ffijafi p^e flgtrt and ct'w pars cl v'ie same abject. Such a tacinic jb may seam ahltrary n apolir-a-Tor, tint If "le Inished looks as Imanrifln, then fincase ii achieved Technic ,ef. Lc?9d 00 rhic 'lustration include rt.'i v.^sr.iNC tföEe

MA5K1N0 . F HFF- ■ A\ '. srniY \C, IN V;. ■ p -|d ai.i. h j. . The baccgice. icl is a QOOd example of a\CLÉD S^IVciuG and opaiatx "ov:. Weih coccial attention aio the subte reflections made by t'-c sectioned porf ,-ie mixer iauueel in the I it:'die and body e; :he 's..cet on the -ighl. Got, chacareo refections. of ihe faubets ana also vietbla dn +ie sjrface To give contrast bev-veon the wanrt- :if tbg b-nss ano thij haie eodness o' thtí iiiiiomo. iDuchOs of i;orkg-:on have oocn apo'ii:l to ihe latoar.


RtaCk-arri-whitft laur,f?lfi John Bnottoner fin ii yurr.'tji '.y H full wlor rendu riy ol IwjOels. u: tt*urr py a yvy i here u; a similar yuUjui.1 rendtvtd w lh a-! airbrjs" i" bladi-KvO-while, n the foreground is a valve assembly, with two single 'tweets (jl Mel .0 t"e laft and hahlna t. To [he righ: -a

.in erwrvrl-flnlfilwi mixer fewest.

Because the illustrator -as mlv Uicch white and f^e varirus ihnct:!-ol gray uUStneO by mixing Li t-two base colors, the t^brushmy demands a high degree u skill ii ■ It t understanding o; shading. (junlrasi and light and shadow. It also rfio., 'ss vsr,1 careful planning .0 or*r vent mfi ama from Mantling In wi+ another or obantfi Aiming in rcgo. This illustration achieves 3.1 Willi nut one part being illegible or vag„e. ¡1 has beei 1 rerdered uyn 13 thri sarnB tBctfrflbues as t11« uII-l\j>.< Illustration, Including rho bacK-fjmijnrt, out witn thfi a edition <r iT-.Rai in fiftviin selectftd, and ^awfully thought-out pacss, Sotv ei-.iiwJ rATT RKiirviAS sprayed wth

.aii 11 ro\if. havw ateo os^n L>5ed which -.-Idf, tn na ImpfsftAiW of the faucets sitting v 0 surface tlHKOMTiKFFM'TS

Laser-cut bread .John BreltOrïer

Siroi iy uyitraat betwsan cna mata-rial ûi '.yxiure and anothor is orw of thy ot jliirjl ddvantagas of airhr..Ah rertfenrig aa comparse tn han.1-

Ipairitiig, vtfiara Ir*. na difcuit to achlove rtv> same proosion. Wtf> y r.nisidcrod ap|>oacli and usmy llie I appropriait1 teairnowfs, IheeJfeoi I car1 be puits sLnriinq, as shnwn liurt: in the def'" tbn anpliarl to tha 1 rabot's h,and and a Inar n' hnead

II eb'jfs rand has been pprayed in | «l iit 'vd'je bsco-rw almof.t the

I i adilonai cobrsfo' ranrfanig 1 LiTor™. ufilnn FI M and JXG: vash I i\g. Ir, afin tion rcflccsons huve | r^an added te liai id '.vliere it is riinping iho bread, and aiao hrom I thfl laser bcarn. Nie audition ofsuch wllar.time alwayîï n wKea an illustra-:i*n iir.^ complote, but he illustrator rus! ra^e caie nul ,o overda ïiem *f place tliei r >'> 11« wrnnq position Hwd-paintad and sprayad pot l ifiHLUH a ha va hean placco O1". tl ie lerdand mataUic aase m yjailoi'S s!er;l np tha rrost n r.ei iye liyh:. T-ftifi hawa not Ixjoi i used exces-

but just orough tu ade; to tha riamatir; offeci ii i tl iy LJirom&d finish .v-te hand and smuotM surface nf na laac

V ir.ot <jf broad combines bnish-i wo m w.ti :,=at uhinlj. which t'as. aif,o lïu- jMid, ri varvirq darsities, to itffBSBnt 'hs starlit nigfit. One star tashear hiqh^htcd by me use ol a i s™ psi. ter • a ilg. ' end ha1j0, kser txarn ¡s uoitipestid ol a j nsnd of pm< whiul' been I l::"îf r.wsvîo to yivu il yolt edges. ' I atr ihen c^onsFtwup wilh two thin-'«'ridlinœwi'.hiri Itie pirik. | M r-ii'wen fiy iwo 'B-J lin&s, | 'ivgjc ivliKe li'ie has hoar dra^m If, :r>Ji y y| Il e rnetaliic surface -.vth I .Vafgy, Iryttiand dot hlphllght T^c tal luu;;litia !□ thls niufitraticn arc te i„led lir'as neorvweni r-g bpth | snd lirear mtaii (sue hul-

tfja-c ihiKii-iv.]

Airbrushing Techniques

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