I'lnis is a technique requiring much practice before It can be used enecLively u;i 1111 br-J njij artwork, because, as the title iUgge'Sti, no masks ait Uicd to aid rlir illustrator and all corn rot lies la the band, li Is a skill which should be acquired because there are very few necasions m ilSustra don when some application ol freehand spraying is uoi needed. Some illustrators have developed freehand spraying to such a high decree thai all ol I heir woik Is produced this way. However, freehand spraying wil al^^'s give a. soft edge which Is not necessarily compatible with all sul>|Li.h, ,md it Is more general prartketn work with masks which define individual shj[HLs, to use freehand spraying to develop torm mid detail within the masked ari as.

v, mjjjfe

2 11 le dep I" of co or is gradually built -p eve- y t'om :oo to 'oofoTi

2 11 le dep I" of co or is gradually built -p eve- y t'om :oo to 'oofoTi

Hrtdtliand Spraying Within a Masked Shape

1 A isat and cl&an pencil drawng rspifasartlng ;anric is. araparad ■iefoing the detail te a mininrum. Tr a could be driiiwi i on detail papsr Vs:, wi eh allows lor correcto"; to y.- TiyiJe au tiat I'e s'ape Icois corrjirieiny cr, biifierE, sTuyitcnts . iy board ¡^r .¡pray1 v. Wt ■ctie^r upp'^tv^h ia and alle' .tie U'iiwn ■:? iy compiled, the Uut,rd » covered wit" t nuking lilrfsi

1 I s-fi Ira llli ir.traror is cJc-ror svating a w^ve nient by fm--hand saraying The Initial spra^ng is light and ir ia sasartisr that the so-frol of na airtvush flaws easily 111--: reouireo gcnoml o iBcfjon; in this ease -oizomaliv pmmpn

3 Tse comolstfid a/aaapla shnwa hew tha iterwdvian lines have- ouilt up a eorrelcw tcnal offcet

3 Tse comolstfid a/aaapla shnwa hew tha iterwdvian lines have- ouilt up a eorrelcw tcnal offcet

£ The f rst s:ago in trio sp'nyr y sequui on is tu renege ill ■ ■ rem the twe hare-edged shadow araas lorrreo oy he Oeep inner ;nlo tif trtrt labr c. I "ess two shapss ars sprswsd wl"h da k .shad?*

3 Ta mashing lin- a thafí partly ~.ii srd flirvjáwd In nrosr lo iaäiayi'Ose areas m th« fahrr wtäft rft*(,j:m par ¿ríl-e; Jijad A'-aoowS. blit wllir.r. dn

Ti/ ÍHKlñrC; tO lIlA íl. i dA[V: I Of I I"r7 i Irnwir q Ii should SlBO be nûtifSëd ■ 'at in ttiesö amas and opeosi:c rie hard odges, ti"e sraeo^s y ¡.dato 'jjukly '.Li .lit White y thé boatd

■1 Thfi nAmsir-dar of mafidng I Im rvwft'infl T'S 'AhrKl A nnw npr-mvfid, ano the fi=ah^nd Ípraying begins bv bo ding Lié t-o ôaft "o_al amas As this progressed : ""C impresses c" f avig ""L.OIÍC w. sicwiy ^creusa. Bietest oí ti lt very '-y:ve 'ut - uulalilny t"d oonlro "y >jt airbr^s1', il niaft well provp aasior t tho artwc.'k s tunad 9Ûn, fhis s hacailse a c -so: o~al sp-ay running ftom iafi tn right alhwfc *nora naiurai diamant of hand and arr. ttVlfi I orn 'o-o tn hol-*om Vihèf* fotowing ;hia eweriiae, n-ca- cam fhr.-.iic bo taken to ensure foi tl t.-tona gradation softe:' at lhoa:jpiooiia:e portt| otherwise. trc comobtcd mogo will Ittok subtlety.

5 Ttie tories and shadows lo acecínate the l:fsol ' of fr-s tabre am b.. t up in a fraa~ano styla

6 Whe" fhe -ffi^ 'Md depth e; ahace a'io atrength of celer have been raachad, h n than raoassary |us" to narnnwa rha si innrding masking film to révisai I ha fr shad art^irJi y-I

LllliCi riMG

2 Ihe draw.'iy s Iransler-trd lo illustration bcara anc coverec with mask f rn.


When b lUmjKm.uu t<nhnw,- ihe njjn|ik tL' <.>itL'fU»r ahupu <>1 an ifhjert, hut also selecleil ahapes within It or behind JL. vJn..i.',Jji i,l; is It Is pLirLit ljLi ly usi'd in h'ihnVal II .isl r;s1 inn whfti dEscriptiye thrce-dimcm sj. prat drawings ^ljl- being pjt* pa rid. I nr e^aiupk-, a brief might i -.'l 11.1 r e ¿i LUJTipJutf; vutLiway view of a cnrtlpl^S nrw four '.inilii' eri^usL-, but iK'tyuy ol the toin-j^unnd form <it the cylinder head rv Under block iind sump casing, th*-engine would be unrecogn.iL1. able unless enoLj^h informal Ion w<ls ijitluiJcil hjJ I be cxutiur: i| would therefore he piaciical and desirable to Include ^hosling. I his would enable lhe engine as a whole rn he understood, as weli .1-, the workings and design of the Interior, or those areas not normally visible.

In application, nhostlnj» ri'lie.s I.I11 ■■ LIIJIle tului ¡IIKL ilmdiii^ L liatt^'S wIlH Ii will Mill '^dviTWlj ulkct Ihe exterior in prelertmee lo the interiof, ur hidden ubit^t.

arlel v1 l'(- vl1 rsa '. !a n1 f\ 11 piartll itlfi in the sequence <>r spray inn i1-

.lUn.i jiLVrssil y, both lo prcvi'iil uiuiLtLftaary extrii work iinU to avoid (rearing an I hat is ahnoal UkRibft on completion,

5 I tie same process is completed tor the right-hand tana, nut now hs mflftMsd highiiphi is toward i~e o it-i arlqa 0' the pi,ton fihrtfttihfi Over a Rfifitiftr Cutaway 1 The fnrm of a p.-,too. i".-, gi idfieeo pie r-r-d part the cor,i~cctiog -od is drawn on de'ail paper, with tio location aril shape o; 'he outawatj; i..'oa cleuily -idiLa-.^d.

2 Ihe draw.'iy s Iransler-trd lo illustration bcara anc coverec with mask f rn.

,1 I he mask I m r/ive-ing 'tie loside r.'.irface a' the piotoo made -■jisitit- oy the a-gi;- one oositon of the section cutaway, is out and hinged -.OiJiuw loi ve^e areas to os loiayed irLsl. as fiey are rep'eserr-ed iri heavy shadow, ar,d Ihenelore '.orilain the darkesl lades.

4 /^I'er cutting the mask to SxpOSS aieao o; die medium o-acec, tr>:se am spioyed allowing fer a reflected tnytiliyil lu remain toward -.tie iriruM edge, ' ":s reprasarns Itie left-hgna la;:fl ot fro cu-away. 'Allan sp-aynr; I ™rtioa s&ctnni! I-miy na saiiarln him -ifi artwork fl(7 ?o the alrbruSi nar pass hog^antaHy anraae: tlie s-i

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