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erasu re

This is a general heading retetrlng lu thfl use- uí timers, butli mild and the pi-noll type. which may be used tor corrections and tor applying lughllghte to Specht areas ol (lie artwork. Villi technic tie is u>u¡dly only sucuessiuj when applied to ii lustration s which have been sprayed onto a lluid, 'hrjLutjlJi-MidL'i.l L i ¡..i: L j i_L. ùî the Ivpe commonly used in the piepuraUutL ul ink-Jirie ttiii^.-ijigs. I'imtiiermiirfj it is bi<.st applied in il lustrutiui is wbii. li have been uprayed with watercûfôis. '¡'his ü because The suilaee layer h)1

spi iiyed L-r u Lu j l< jî'Lir pLiinl is cxiTLTïii'ly thifl. On a latin1 and if lytic sprayed sudacei, IbeTC Ls lllffl [ halice nf damajnn^ tin - Mir [uiiiidijig eoior, and therefore' flvempraylng with npague white is. f<u better and less riiky.

As 1 erim-L-tinn technique, erasure should tie limited to small areas. When used to cneatç high-lights, a hard, pencll-typf eraseis by fur tin. best, because it is possible te' maintain a reasonably ■sharp point on the rubber eoie which will give greatei control I he finish varies according to the amount ol' paint removed. This could range (torn complete expn-Ijttttof lilt w h 11L-Li I" L [ n.'ItLJiLr i,l, Lr> very suhtli1 hi^lili^lils sur h as would be seen on matte {¡Í §tnnra-rhined Suffices With care, t h e pencil eraser could also be used to enhancë íonüasL, especially when m tuii ot rlir différence between the liglili Lirai OU dart.- Iia.s liven Ll?s1 by esees :.ive tulnr ajiplUalion,

1 I" Uns exanp a a Hp1'«re has fcwa$ sp-aysd. with a dul highlight :o nfipmsnnt a nnn-po- shsd si iría sa.

2 At tha nat.. h1 pnallnn nf tha highli^m, tha oe-o< has t:aar nrasad With a dirntar ration uKim. a pone, eraser It wR bo no:erl t-at tho amount cifpaint iiernovod att^c-cxtrtsrr ties of' the I nghhght is. deer0¡..Ld0d so tf«î the r^i gtil l.ljyy into Mil: va.Hf eeo1

is iium hh * cmmlir ma^kim:

i Irf ttils (terranslratiori u itiuno 'i i-i^-tn iy. u p'eue ol I unirjiLjiOery latrie has beer ~3ed ' i>e néJt tiny somyed ■.ext^'s a a tne yrû'eo, ljut ever I r sti.

4 ^oosp coîtnn snrim "ai osan usee aere giving a mnra ra.iwm effect.

I Tlieie ¿ne occasion! whcn tradi-i innnl itihi hiniï of fin deri ng (■j.vtuTcd surfaces ivith an abtimsb jié irot as et'feuive as one U'ould hnpe. The use ni médium- to courH1 fabdE yiçiiï up addlitonal opportunlties whicb, when applied to an IjiustratlfHV wtll gtve ;. s-jrïiKv lotore Il<it ilenaiSiMÎ 1} idimtiFiiibli1 hvith ihi fshrlc used, ¡¡urne du rcpioduce the diirim-i faon, wave, and ihere-imjl1 çjsperjmeri^piiûîi h arfvJ.çabJe l^fore applying a fabtJC jrjitsk.

finis hed artwofk, nnl«s, ni ucuisti, I ht intention La to reposent the sp^tiHc eflea. ESc-sidc". tis:lnji a piece bctoie use, H Is also v.oj'.h ketpinj jiiiiiplesi of both the taarlc and Lhe .spray effett fiom il fur future rvfutviuu;, l ypci ot ta bric sui table as ma skaï» material* are those ivlucii : jvu ;j i '. opai vveave to atlow tbf spruyiil color to pass ihrouxb ymJ between the libers. Thf tenture rtlay In.1 uppiied over large m *nial| aieafi Wtfiicb in LbtiU su-lVis cari ¡rroduifl sddi-

'.jiimil, vLiripl ions ottorm and Mîlttâii. 11111 TruiterïSl ne^d not be used bei. u use t>i ¡t> texture, tor the bayai fdge <>f m m fahTic a Isa olfeii d LîiLii ut. itristiv Tcsu.t, A ■omi nf pat te m cou kl be ¡ipplied nsing, tor examplo, a guied upen-weLn-e j:. isxjfl in old fasliinf^d glass t'gïtalns, or indeid UiL rijfinv tvpcs ot Lace wblcb are j va i la b| e

A UiKkNiound texture can he ;|i|i i'[l nvpT Uie arlivtitfc beioie ttiii object or subjecc itseli i?. (pTîyed Natol.llly tins requins ttiï principe part nf the illustra-ti:j;i tu bu ipraycd In an opaque riiKlinrti in nri!i>r 10 prevenl the bnxj tïvturu troin showlng ilniugh. .Small, coiiuoiled aieas iflay bfe sprayed by overlaylnj^ the fahrli on top uf j pjo iûjijSy cul lïiete of masklng film i Irf ttils (terranslratiori u itiuno 'i i-i^-tn iy. u p'eue ol I unirjiLjiOery latrie has beer ~3ed ' i>e néJt tiny somyed ■.ext^'s a a tne yrû'eo, ljut ever I r sti.

H Tn.i. iiia.T.oif îho'A'î cficr L'iing o {l'gfflBrefv^foiââfy ui. ivjy, hVl--Ln Çfi <J Irjrc-i; rjryu remt " î even dnu -LiyjLjr. W1 en usee o1' ariLill ini,*yuli.' atidpey, w-ll i ttie sp'ty "g restricted to apeoilurd a'saa, t will apfjesr -nore randorr anc navia s less ob'viorjs cmnactlnn win thè o'lplnalfaorln texi^nj.

2 Mos:-rin;j topo-i^ ji-uct to ijçuure the faono mound ail Vur wl iioti a ïj fidtuws l' e iiniaheb arl-wurk be yo"la"eo wittiin s:'iiigtit I it d-edyeo oorcers 1 i-ie a oirree n; nteo epe'-' t canvas aas nssn i isan, giving a ricrs oas" ,ann onarw-prainad Inlih.

5 À simplified ehçckod or grid :orn is :ne lesul: wi' iiri toraymy dY'Xe" 'ug etmvas && u it/ye anea.

4 ^oosp coîtnn snrim "ai osan usee aere giving a mnra ra.iwm effect.



The use of transparent, self-adhesive nixing film in ah brushing Is the most popular method of protecting ateas uf the artwork which are nnt currently bciri£ wuiLed on. Masking lilm is available with either a matte ni a gluis fiubh arid th supplied on a protective harking sheet, which can be used to save cut masks likely to he needed again. I lie adhesive uri the film Is low-tack, allowing masks lo be placed uvei a clean or previously sprayed sudace ;ind subsequently litfcx! without damage to rite under h ii ig material.

Because the film is transparent, a allows those aieus covered to remain visible, which is extremely useful when judging the strength of color a nd shad! n g aga in st those areas aliviidy sprayed. It Is also possible to remove excess and residual paint from the filtn by carefully wiping over it with a damp cluih. tissue or absorbent com on, without damaging I he artwork or the area exposed tor spraying (this of course applies to paints which remain water-soluble aftet drying,!.

When using masking film, a I way*, rill il With shaip, IIC'IV blades, as old ones quickly lose their edge and lend to teat the film rutherthan cut cleanly through it. i ¡i-ntle but even pies-.-.ure is required when cutting, to avoid scoring the aitwoik.

In the two examples given here, paii.iculai nole should l>e taken of the sequence usefl in applying the tonal ranges; ttiey arc not the same tor transparent waterfolor and ojtuque gcujache With 3 iransnan-rti medium, the depth ■ ir shade and color is built from disrk to light by nverspraytng transparent layers; with the opaque medium, color mixes are rmide independently, and light colors can he sprayed over dark if icquired.

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