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HMS Warrior's (nigine rwjm, 1861 Gary Cook

TVisttirty puirit perspective illustra-to is u reuoriBlrjctian of the angina •iHiiiuf the world s first iron-hull! warship, IIMH Wa,vlnr. anri war-, ca-nssicnad 'nr tha nnnk Tiw humryfai Warrior The purpose of ite ill«lraiion was to explain the lay ;iil 3rd arrangement of tl io eny iry jr>d oondenser m reialio« i to It ml pari of the ship's hull structure which CtinlanstJ Itiem.

the arswing was ccnstn ictad on Irao^g paper usisg copies nf -ha original Adm ratty as-fl'ted dratis from tha nrillsh National Maritime M i i Ti aa reference It was then trans'emeo onto CS10 board, which is a hard, china clay surlacud bou-'d ideally suited to buth uirbrus!1 and mk linewurk, I lie illustration was rtfictefwJ pr ma/ily with Itie a 'brush usii-y trariiipiL'ent and opaquo watercolor. Salf- adhftsk/a mask tilrr was ussd ihroughrsiit, with the axcap'os of thf? bands of tone- run ning alnng :-c copocstoam oipos, 'nr whiC1 cut paper see _cc.c: mt&d'.'j] tiasK& wee -¿yd. uhotj-in was ccniploted usiny a rulii>y pen and a nit? stiUe brush because o; '.tie limiteo numhsr of colors usee to pain: ths angina room kspf, graat cam was. -aarteM w.san spraying 10 maintain bo:h t-.; contrast anri i^e Afferent panes of lift r.a^infjf fc- many o* :hc engine components, and :he white ¿true tjrt details. These 'wo important arets &re busiutlly black and wh ti'

respectively. I was rere'ore cecidod :o 01 ti, slrcn^ cast shadows, „sing darka-. shades only to atd Iftfjlhiliiy. In ano.tinn coijgh co"tras: nan tn he fJir.wn hetwaan the ristta nr rni igh surfaced nafiirvns p.ainieo clack on the or-giiMd, a-d the polishoc copper stoas ipipes. For trc termor, &jOtl?i CFWDA-: :.:nts o' blue black were useu, while lo' the pipes He wi.ts ol Hxj buaro was a owsd lu at lev/ through the transparfln-so or iricreasirg the s:'finc|th isf the highlights.

MI M hr.4SKnq


1 Tte intcrtbr nOIO ¡S to pred^cO t (jioCCidi Ûllv/Ork a'-cwirg b ïv L" iîiùyàintfi:. lia ï iJra'.vïi lirai in pen-c o'i ce:ail paper.

2 T".n drawnq - transfarrefl in bna-d uslng graphi'e pape*.

te M

3 noth rhe détail paper ^awhg end rhe grap-t^ aane' romoved shfr.vnr, ths trans'esed dra'.'-ïiig ol IIih l vHq Th ■ ioî i tr o draw ng o II he gran.„;Hlk- conc;alcd toylfte .';pi-iy rç, due to tt^ coaquc qulily ot offlfâahc

4 a pie^id ol T as-iing "llrr, suffiolent Lu cuver :he image a~d jjjrmundlng area ¡s placad gvht rhe a -two-k, to -bwfld hy our "g of a) 'es. of oo:h t^-a llag and The maak szc-.'y

O■■ Mitr lypncsl I leriiontal sttlps o" L'e lltiy ia " figed wtfli o-attira tape. Use oit and ktd toc* "o the 'Igir ' "e exposed anea is. sp'syed in :h rrediun ahac'e n^" r&d. ^ ne ie lincrked as vstlcal handj ot colcr, alfcjwing neaidi lel sp-ay to croate a-cas of .ghter stades.

1 Fnii ; Inr^ar .es .are (war-íprüyed following clo&efy the. 6at-"oi"" :stl;.:iliîho;l wit " Hi-■ f -s - -.nth?

5 A Utir-itf: s"¿jee üt rea is Mi apreyed iísaI. ¡neretsn ly '.Me o^i i trust

6 Tin; mask for t-e first Strip* of color is repaccd, and "Jic lowcsi ■-sir Jh? s I imytJ. Ii '.eU Ol ¿md polled otek le !"e riyhl Uns a tien sprayad n olue to create 1'ie nsdlunr strangrh and: pala roñas

1 Fnii ; Inr^ar .es .are (war-íprüyed following clo&efy the. 6at-"oi"" :stl;.:iliîho;l wit " Hi-■ f -s - -.nth?

hl.vi mawm,

S Till; ■ -ij-_-iJ Ii" ";JI Hr.. (KVi;-

•-.- -Iii-! fT3)K hallifil 10 cjtuuljl'U <ji uJ


S Till; ■ -ij-_-iJ Ii" ";JI Hr.. (KVi;-

•-.- -Iii-! fT3)K hallifil 10 cjtuuljl'U <ji uJ


g i Me sfcrai d purl ul Ihe ropci, rieartül ths observer; ir; noxrtn ho su'raysd ir.

10 Á of the fopa is now ne-naskeo wr" transparent r^ps. to- owing whlnh rhe fagonle is i mnaskied

■j jiyyyJ iri . appopribUs color.

i ilm yiaskikf;

11 hi pete ia- re-masKed.wilfi Irui issuer i luye ¿tí 11 « wt ii Iff, t nd-dte sir o- i.he I ay s espesad, ::g-?1hrir w1r Ihr:- -rid ri"d hluo :-iias. A b la-gray gotianhfl mi*-

lure is ntjw sprayee üflBi ell thraa s,'i|.ie3 in verh^ul :jyr<j3. L:■ n iyn iy fie three sjoors I oy ether and audiry a no"lirimus depth :)l lene to tr,e whnla flag;

12 Thfi masking fllfii s rnmávSd, apposing 'na 'inisharl aricar-;.

rienhls Masking

Seif jdrcsivo malting fiimr la s vc t es- ee wsstcfi il le Use iilir te cover o laios-, dSàfs ¡sive area c* : -c ■jr l'.'h'ui i=.. estjccially i' '.he section ee -a worked en is only ¡:. small pai l ol Ihe v.ïvjte, i j t.void '<ViJ::lLiye. déla ¡ paper or et::.ri;Jye P'jper ear i tie uaed prelac. I-a rajo-ily ol tha a-ivvck irom rssidoal spray, w I h t ri haing app ae on y te tna mle-vsni arfia nf nstàlf, il if. inperfsm -mi . i ' kmh in i-a p--Hf>fir Isrgarthsn the T'.'O "r"1 ee L'ip'"H. hnrvi- \n: f...I Sd en' speo; most be gi-^n '<-■■ allfcw the mask -ç f m te stick "o ihe n woi'k. It is. a widafe usad "oche quo mrl n'.'Hv t^ np.ilifel In many of "-a ctne fac-niquee ol rri.n^k rtá ano ^praying descibtío eleowhara in the oeck

This i^iútegrajDn shows the app i c-íuiui ji dudóla miíáífl 9. A L¡uall 3i.Míjrid seetn'ii 1; tu be apiuyód Tir.-B'Avok.1 ai'i been covered '<v 1" paper wlfin a rectangular ne:e cut in ttie aoproura.e pace. Masking iln has; the- nam ovarla d aid thr? ragulran .sh^nsoir o.a.


Datapost Fftrrt Ff*ort PS 1600i Paul Shakasptwre

This large illusli alien, rnetiauriny approximately n in x 591" (173 cit xi 48cm) was originally ccrr tus-sior iud by LJalapost to advert sft ooth the Br tish posit service and ts raring lutrn. I; was oracled with tra use cooocation or the rar.ifii tearr rilar agers, the rorri MntorCo Ltd. ar'd Richard Longman Racing, mo organization responsible for convcit ing the baslr, Fiend nooel into a ranlro ear _rio brief specified U at the k.straricn sio„d shuw lMose ■areas ef :he ear wliu," did not ccn-fen to a stanuard prodtcton rodei, whist i explains why only limit -eri areas have bean cut away. The illustration was eventually pi inehasod by l^e i-atrck C-Trller.tr.-,

BimiinyhaTi, Eng.ano, whwa I is i--ow on o splay in "his or valaly-iin museum.

Oca "ha panr.il rlraw was completed. it was trano-'enee to c. sam -Arinnt- surfaccc wato-oobi pva[¥=r whier hoc bocn div nounled rn nr.aso'te This poved ui isatislac:-■cj'v as a vohiet fej aiitjiu'jh rendw-ing. because tl"ie (ibert ol the paper wou cl lii i wt lei isve- the mask f rn was Lrno'/ed. II was "ina y dar, ded :o phu.oyraph :h« erigiría perdí cawing. 'roTi whir," a laroe, <5ray line print was iwiftAhrl dry moant ed on nnasonita This gave a soui id and sirwnth surface en which lu air h ush. although g'ca". ctiie 'A-as needed when cutting masks Ic ore-vent Vie k le ru'i 1l. ailing too defio and -.hereby damayrg the lami-a-' ol Ux¿ ohotcg-aohic paper A

partiTu ar advartoee ul Spraying o" photojraphie paper /.-as Ihe tase with whiel 11 waa uussible te ,'emcwe any cele-1 Uiat had rL" or sts tiís-la tes [aee uüHKtci -oh mujtsl. Beca use so..ar;he: w"üh is wate- oased. was "ha principal rrec,.,Ti, the surfar.ecrxilc be cles-ec ..slng fiurglral r.nt.-ir, This 'a"t ma fi.,4soe in ¡*s orig nal condi ton for respraying.

^Jc particular p.-óbleme were encountenod n ;tiu sprayirg prooass, wdi Ptyaii wil" It iose aTtast./-t!-«sl tway kan :ha obseder and w Itiin the cuta'.vay sacrioos. Ths-t>ody ct T"a ear, witr the excepton c' the afarlnri amrtoersand ctel^eit. banarne, tn all intente ano ouipoaes a blar,k-and • w- to atuoy. ■ j r iea- <l ■^a' wrcn appyirg ujtor, íj-easr control -•«as reguireü lo e- sure tho fhape was net lost and l'ie contrast was maintained, wil'i -■sleren^e being ooretaritly ri aoe !o areas alrcooy sprayae, ti e loral valuescr tl ¿ oody ol I1 a car and :he letterinr; tiad also lu be keot In relation tn eas-i olhs' especially v.'he'e tray (jhai ge-d diractlnn and 'Arene there' lore aítectod by r,-anries ¡n the ancun" of I mflrcred co them.

The areas normally vaiblo tl iruu^t windows were ¿oiayed wi'J 1 ;ti« samo stie--y,i ol cu'aras tha reset : iu ua'. When completed rhe windows :vaR cvarsprayen 1.1s cpao„a '.vnitft, but kaeping trie density light so the «ttecr s senii transparent This has had nc effect n' knprwnc back what it ieen Ihrr-.iga tlx- w ndows.


While 11 [HJjfLftly possible Lu .spply an even, Flat shade of color by hajid, umdi jjritcfiu: ^ fiere^ry before the results arc acceptibIt; artd ¡pith out bitrnhh, especially vvheti utlng wateKolon en gouache, Thr alrbnnh siimpJI-tia lib:» process, although ii still tequjjes practice when applying flat (hides of cnlor which netd to tx tmns-par™t tJr turnkiuuiiL Wien apply Lnf iranspiirt-tif «UtacplOiJ with ihc airbtusli, it is «i#rttfal ihat the air prc^nire .nid amount of puijil allowed I iTi^iijrh I iik .lirhmsh rpm.iin constant, to prevent stripes flora Pppijiin^ ■ "I he JisiiuKi' the jir-Wtnh ii iiclrl :itvay fmm the art-■\yrk iriu$1 lliso reiridiri uorisliinl til :hv(ihi vnrb.itions in tmi.il vuim1. u;iwuvl.t, tint ädvu Eitra yj bulnji :il;lc 1n nvi-rspT.HV .ijiy imprrtrr tlinis dot's I In: uimrusb tin: fiigf fw(JunJ painting Ii j iti'lLuique, the application <>t tlat tone is difetüy related to tJiWMT-?[> rc\T Stltl .'is i'hti (setiisp should corns before it.

1 11 le t.'Sbi to Lie aptyed wi "a lul tone has bee" masked aric ire spray proceeds Irom the top to the nottorn passing the a rtrush I nn s-de tn s.cie jiter "ha masked t ii- always advisable Lr, ¿-.tar a "d finish Lhc spraying cn r_c masking film, as tc.s cnstnoc t-a: th: color o laicl evenly at the edges c' the masked shape.

1 ie masking film

2 Gohr £ grae.,ally oi.ilt up 'nllcw-"c ihe sarne preeass .,nl the equired (,ens ly {las hae" aehieveo. A il ma:hed nf mslntaic.ro an eviSTi ■ i:h l oninr s m ti,Ti 'na aework ^OP a^er .-;aci* isyer of c/ii^r ha? bo;n spras'orl _i-s aso heips to avoks er sover up any svipes wmch may appftardus io ncguiareomy " iy

1 ie masking film



The function nf all rechnlqnes in uidtrusiuiiK is tu arrive tit u given result. The lerhniral means nf achieving these results is unimportant if the illustration itself Is successful. It may therefore come as a surprise to some to find natural and Indeed manmade objects heing used as uiaslo for spraying, 1 hey open up an Incredible variety nf textures and image-, which can ite put to good use In Illustration. I'lie fnl lowing demo nitrations are just a small sample

When collecting sample objects, especially natural ones, always make sure they do not hold dirt or dust, He sides damaging and marking the surface nf i he artwork, sume-Uirl might get Ingrained, which would deaden the freish nessand vitality of the finished artwork.


A callactlon nf stores, "as nesn . laid on ff-s artwork and --¡en over-sorayed. Thfl p-iotngrap-i shcrws t-e r.tnnp.-, aft-?' Mnoy havo oo:n removed, with t"c offoct on t~c artwork being apparent at II te lop of fc jistuu;. With piu^liw., arid •jvssyly by mutiny a tea. aheet first, y.ju may I ' d 'fiat "he stones can be Placed " set positions to achieve a ossicular cattem a- text.ire.


"-o us: of this twig os a mock has oioojood an effoet similai to uld ija'.her oi. poaaiby, marble veinirg. 1. would be impossible to sinm ilate this elect by nnre r.nnver.fbns nftinfi


In t- s photograph a leaf has heei used as a mask Its jagged otitlin: produces 3 'I'don repeat pattern

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