Haloing, a.s its name implies, is the upplieulUm uf a cuete o( li^Ht .tTid should appear asa sott, ^en-ttu glow, fading away uulward irons the ciicumr>t(»nre. The technique can be used to create an ettect ot distant radiance, as m Hie "galaxy '' example shown here, nr tn Mitten and dlttuse hlgtili^Jits in eiosc-r objects

1 Various sized ctaro howo dec-* pan iled ws w" t-. Jots anc ow aprByed to ditlu^i H o cuees. others have bee" ¿prayee with sp ancoso as cots el vanous s¿es ili yive an illusic-s of Timö"39 dealt i

3 A cuelo cutf'om rnaski-0 t tï s p aced over It-a center ci u s.ai o-- :: and gently sprayed aro-'iei II is edge w tr, opaque white It is ¡T sur Lai il nor to appy toe T„ch whi.e wtie i aoraylng t-e halo to rrifls.-i 1-e affact of cfus ng ghl

2 SI tn bv 'Si shapes hnv- asan cut h lu masking Nim (acetate could also have 'jet" used: tr'cl jic tcocd over certain stars. Hiw- h-c sprayed using opaque w" Is, wt eli "> a-jpliod In aach case to .he center e b e mask.

■1 Whan tha mask'ng tilrT' a rann van, ths ■sfsc: can tie quite e ibtle is Hanr.nstrated here.

HJftjOINfc •lirriHI KIHTlNi.

Ilhlll ¡fijl t"|Nij hfîf ,mh> varinm tefhftl^iifi. fnr jiLihu^ li^ln, Jurin LiriU twitràiit ih^pP, 1iJ j>l fV(-ïll thi» Mjbïcrl ftom Lookin^ tlat. Hiiih.tiutits ;:r;iw 1ht viewpr'î tiil I mu and lui be usfid to l-mcl'Ilent etïeçt to empïiasi» Llle pu mis of vliual :ocas Isn an Imagt1.

Using rhc Wtiite of thc Board T|-.is is an oxanp c ci ¡eaving thg wlïito of Ihu bi.au: lu ur i i ;.. ".g:., ;. ■ y 'yl il M i ai i ol yoliji IL is aylntvsd Dy cpelully wnlrc- rig U t bvi o^- L ol yracalov a'io srangl" ol shading 'Mien sp'sying !ha color.

Ufiiny an An Knifs niade

1 Ah-o..;.. - th? eaves arc nhc-vn haro wiïb c ..fici;-" ! cc'-tras: and ""crm thoy lao-s .110 sur lace t&xtgre and l nu- ii.ç 'ly M nul 1 wuul'J ei beim U s ■ tupearanse.

2 by uaing an ad knl'e blade le ixj-fctc" -lo ¡ha ^prayed onlour. higi: in "la haviis. n a dafinsd a? [■ w whi'a line?

2 Coa:,. : wt: s now fiysyf. 'res' yiiu n tï'î apampaste plc.crc., böhring ¡n h "d tl iö c úíü ' dnocticn y 'he liyli, \j-jLii;ji.

i ^posfidfnrípráylng, as r is ■Tr-\(v.M(: 10 Inonde the cm"-as' by r-r r, ir .; J highlight*

2 Coa:,. : wt: s now fiysyf. 'res' yiiu n tï'î apampaste plc.crc., böhring ¡n h "d tl iö c úíü ' dnocticn y 'he liyli, \j-jLii;ji.

ULiiriy. tUpugue Wlntrj

1 The arhvcrK has ln:cn covered ■.-vi:111naakh i irri e^d 'ho tompioto


the oogic :.*lo. LI ut- ligl itéj m ¡y I iules OÍ Mr.- üuyie whötftJ, a'J.Tö ol | --a piMWurk ajp I-e -ij-- -c bcares.

lo i;opree¡?ilet\iliytrs tsohnk ,a? oí h ghighting ra'a'e-'oa vhr:- „d ^ so, be rnazle to 'ha ■■■a'loi ie aflscv-, rr. ¡sé sasn In man-,- n' 'he o'lwíniáiicc iiSträf thB exception or senetçhlng cu" with an art ko fa h ace,- b-r-oausn hhic 0 not iféjc: to - -e âurfaàS quality of the oopcro- wrcli t-e H 'j5tr¿J!.&í ■.'.M draw. Ti l-.. ■ lyn iy wf|i% ol ibo oapor i¿ ev dei-l ou ht¿ I ilyhliyh. Lg .110 sn o^e bùx fd bei gr.ano !" [lie oolisheu jLssj ol ths oiato~s yäye roda. Ôpaqùà ■/.■hira bas haa" -.jssd on rha firjRoa"i.ion sp-lng? to

GreatWwtam Railway King Class ¿■Í-Ü locomotive King Edward II iseiail) I JairiRü Wösten

, i Wltojt lgl liyi.iihy, n cal illuülislio"s I v.íajC kj^+t bare ario jriiini^han. f )iäy waii d lack tfat f ial 0 .ali-y i .'.'im finhar-oea, ósmplerne^ts and I j 'nr'tef. "ha Tana oortrayod

Highliglr.no s '.li^jrij yrtj. yluiiy wil" rlumG pirrçl .ini\o- an important yi i'J itlltigra pbr! ol an drtinjsrflo iNUslraao".

Tna sxamp e enown be e s í Oatall of tn-e oo.ralela illu^-i^tion rap'ndi loa^ on p-ago " 02. A ' to: .i niques dcss'ibec - the oraetieál oomo "■Strato- so Irjliliyh.iny nave been usir.J oh r j iiius.-t.liun wi"

itNOturNG suitK


When ¡T is nnt possible to tate a photoejapb ut a subK-et in I he (.'AlLlL eimdiliuns required to shnw k nff to advantage, k Js usual to report L-l? the LiiCBniqiJje uf kllixk iny back (bp Ims appropriate aicus ti-t the iiriiine by siver-spra; -i'ng Mill eithei dark nrlijjht shades. To maintain Interest and situiil inipuet, k b mot NfLfiiiuj to fllimina! e I h efe ftteas y.

I'his jfechnlque is used exten-iiveiy in photoretoin.hmg and can also be appilcd ;o airbrushes ainvork when, Joi example. ihe hackjmund del all nt an lilusiia-Horr yppeais lu poiflpcfci Luli ifrnngly wif'i thr iiib[HLi"1

Darkening an Obtrusive


1 In "Jiis photcg-aph rhe primal subiocti oio tho hoadstortfiS In t oioyiuund. However, tho intensify o; ihe hyiii is n-ai Ux* hi§hiiijtas on he Irse compels v/i.l i II¡%j ui i h e groyne and o" 11 "aaditones lu ovo-conr- 'his I s necessary Lo Hor-: hac* tha -final tfontrast In "ho 'ree Pno- 'Ofipravn^i, the photo-graphC 0'in> js r|ry ■ mm inled cnTO board

4 ihe reoa -eci depih c stwd-nq "as naan apnlisd. rhs maskirg I r s remriwan; ¡saving ;nra-■.■.ri.li ind I in-r,..ched and tlA rme I .rk ■ :ripr:.;ring .10 ha har.K in. ■vithoLi: coinri i:s hatjiiS contrast

Knocking hack

Weakening Background Tnnsa su) Contrast

1 Iiis pt-otograph snows a MCiirvj ■a1 «V :!""■ ligures a"d datalls In iMcl^aund. labar aopnv I teiiri.jsa of rhalr elnsa proximity, tc ta m same planç as Ihß car and it is not absolutely ciwr *ti0ria snc 01 da and .ne ufier »¿ins ¡y res lily Itiia. its tjack-/¿hd rr.js: ne ■innokad back Tha tst slaye s to dry-mount :ifi pdnt into bsaro.

2 Mai.k.ng i ti is paoo;l cvor tho whçjta print area and die sections Cc-MBi ira tbo bao\gro_;-d a-d track are out and rctTO/cd for spraymy.

3 Tba avpowd areas as? -zp/ty sprayed wi?h white This is ^crt so opaque as to destroy tbo dulimliun. but it causes a ¿uiiiee eiieul ul light "valing1 ovei tli^se ptda of Ihe rT'age.

4 Ones tha isvisad shading dearly sspararss tha back^rnnnd fror, the-pr folpai subiart, the masking film s removed. "Hie c fcionso in c'aiity and cmobasis loetrteer i stage 1 and ti e completed imagers obviOjy, und it has improved i^ie impact of tfie pcture,

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