Cast Shadows

CjM shadows har™ a variety of iiiL} Lri LllusLjyLLt>n, ujl]y do they help in visually Tnakinf; thjf

^Lijixt stand nut io the front, Liu. dvey aw also un ifffieclive means nf mbandn$ the rhree-itmenslotlii qualities of an UlulUaUotL Tlie dernunsljatjojls ■Ivrf dhfw :i soft-i'd^d shadow cifcd grayed iraeiiand and a bspd-fdgfd shadow created with Dusking iLLni-

i!ijH.n«i jii be generated trara art artificial li^ht source or r-. atmal light ft»m Ltte sun t:3th have their own set of rules. '.'In. leUmlcjuei: ui plotting ihidow are a subject in -:K i:isc.,.v<ja. a ltd those lyfihiiiK to . ipivimi1 nf further should refer i:: wwks dtaliuii specifically with jterspfctlfie, besides oftseivintjg whit actually happens lit reality, rif tjcope of ibis book does nut permu in extensive explanation ■|| ;i,L [UiiEiy cuii:p;s ?ijtici ol the (miry ar'.d application ot per ipjdivi in relation to shadows, |i n'. i vcr, some g11 id a n rn> nt a ^ be l.j nd by >tudyiii)( the many ■„1:11 "■!(?■> iif professional airljrujli ■ ■!r refiincfuced In fhis honk and rat^nizlnii where ¿hadows have hffn :<f*r| in - a specific puiptue,

Soft-edged Shadow

1 A wencáj cylinder s drawi and sovefec with n-as-dng "¡In. When the outlines hsve oesn out, -rasping tape Is usee Tn an^ho' "ha nask serdinn covering body of r.yllnder 1o nake I" easy :o remove snd rep abe oerai isa -is nssk w bo lee ., ':■:! afifflS ÁfcTiatabty ;ho

oisce o: ili 11 ean be luted ai id piieed o" the btcteipg aheel or jroteetien „"t¡l it is ie-i^ued 1 tie cylinder is sprayfid as prasio'.jsly desenbsd (oa^a l^i, r>..T 'At" ae..,stnants nade vvfh regard Tn "ie position 0-1 the highlight. as it le isnoadtn 9 scf shadow x- th?.- c" and toward tho oboT^er

2 """ha body of the cynrder is ra-nrasked This s sssertla neriause of fe angle nf sp^-ay negulred Jer iop i". am p. res lit nt -he d' eo-ioi of t¡-f! ii<r¡.-nt sni iríH. the tnp is. thei evoosod for spfayjr^ with flus elljivanee bong made fe tro l:adi-g eeoc highlight; whicd this example sliyh.y oíííc: tó the loft.

3 t1 -e n-as*;s 'or hirh tre :on a 10 body 0'" -e oylinder aie iep ao"e to 1:-otoct it while vie g lüOew ore;-: ie sprjiyod, v1.11 - bütf-sgrajrfct r ask ■■y a rer'ieved. "e a iadow i sprayed Irorn ttie aoproxini:.te can-Is' o; "ha basa, gantly hinging _>ia celo' oír 10 thesvfranl"es, dm íüíp Ws' v.'lrhln a-aa relating :o the v;id:h of ra Paso, l/ra length of smaO'^w should not be toe lo"^ ano should grad-.ially arti easily a^ay frnrp t"a oylinoar.

A " -H Jin 11 Si-age fe re re rova oi t "e mofk'ii" g fHr-| fpoiT ooth - -00 ond l:c-:ly o; :ho oylin;ler t?


Antenna Poles And Towers

Hauet edged Sliadow i Füi no |jiii ijíjsc1 U' expand ig

l^inigjBy u res turbar bu* a 5®w!' " three dímarwxHFfc/'th the nnnsTurfan nf ir? shariçji&i, as Í ftsst 'non- ths Aur rather man Jncrr

; H id sialism. Ii i-..- tan nt .jii-.jüid Lu vil UX-JÍ;.1 ■y, t.. I iL iru'^l Lu.1 pfcfiwntjetöd liai 1 w'.YE«|rtlif&.jXMiil (;■" 11 ¿ ■ uur id p ar le ;v¡ll always e i thá hö^zürf and alsc TTiKJislsy BRlriúí this !¡ghr so., m.

2 laving constructed "hs box and ils shadow "he draw so is " a^-A-fen-sn re iih is.rra'io-i nns:-d. b.,i leav-ijg o-t the cp.ráírLcti^ l¡r>:s Thü vy.ii; e swfxc it ths" eevcreo wth il -1 ■ E 111; i ill 'i.

3 I lit aide Li' Lhe bcx "earea. lü '.tí! observar ia aorayed First because this ¡will s-sthn sido in complste stiadiwv'. wirhrnr any mïpislse ighl. I: should b: sorayod wtr. n jtedlufr s>:iujl", Pill .of ce oí

4 Ti"ic rç-t ha"cl sico of ""o boy ¡s i )0Wt, rji ld 1'"C liln CC-MÜrr-O Li IILJ ¡lríí is cu ■ ai ic 1 s ' i w-'t?J IheryiSHU nesd le replace i.he naak uresis!, proved lor sfriutí 3, bscausf this siria nasos fe os tri? strengss" ir Isnisanri saving ;i svpnsad allswi ir>H ocio- density to t;e b., t un n sukosss1;- spray igs.

;lie p^vous ¿lat^s expusod. <•!'■■ ;he vieyvpu-riÇ (jl ^at? -. Iiis lup

1 vUm s showS as receiving .Me na/iiruir ínro..'it of Irjlit. íiuc. -civ ing the highest owgro) tine, anc this shuulu ye L'urne n frm^d wher spruyii iy

ä risking iliri ctSE^ring i": ïIhJûw is cut and mrnovKl I" UBBffliicisH a Ha" :nns I? laid down tr^Wt Hv5ínádcw, hut i" s liso at roptüc'L-, and ii keeping >vith

■ biL't. lu make harc-eoysd sht,d-gfak gradated 1 he gradation r isy pass ONtvvands from 7-g cí:¡sc;" o' bwärrlfi i nn "hfl flr" ^ r flfcs' n' I hfl shadow; t ir all dependent on píe í"o. I Dun: : npfrasis needed

7 The wigl ngygc the completad ■»)( yi id hi si it.dw wi.■1 all ."e ri iis-Mny iln reeved, U^CLi.,-sir :>l tire Sequence in »ytisch :hn was srvayfld a carta n flimlnnfitt^ Ifi appanwit, S/&Í1 aisisr? In rtsiinflsiting -hfl shflfifl ard dflflnir^ tre f„ifirihn af the (¡flint er.- Incfl


Tetley One-Cup peraonal stereo Jotin Brettoner

Modern hi-fi Equipment and persona slb'sos a-e subjects which ^av« oroven popular wth Illustrators, specMtinc lr arfcr ish ^rmefen ¡<uv t-atlcns. Tta fi.iojecf. seen to bo paticiilarly apt, and the example reproduced he-& .5 excellent, srew lr>n the quality of ovonail finish whiot-3! students o" aiib'ushii iy s-o^ J aur to tiLJi. I is included ir i I",3

section because it demons- ate* r. early the application ot t.fa iai ■■ ■. to\f 10 fom- ioft-erfgerf cast e-ao owf.. Wlfhou:ti*eir, the-throe tons wni 1I0 appear to 'loat in soace as ii is, t*e cast sracows create the impression :ha: t~ey arc lying 00 a flat surface, sven ",hough ric edo1 ur edges aio vis-olsor Una irrdyinary surlyee,

Iht; Uluafation is ccrroajatlvelv> a 'role ir, terms of the accurate plcr-: ng of tfe shadoA-K. Other si ih eots may rot be. b-t a require oa'cful obsorvat on to ensure "Jia: t'cy a", least look as if thoy1 ae the liuw shadows J tl ie abject irorr w eh they ftre^dbl, Wlwn olunriing t"e 11 c „ ji'ji 1 ai aha Jews, it is essentia llial .heir oosiion and direction cos* not conflict win t~e direction nr the ligh' source, 'eoa rlless of tre rr-ate-ral o- si irface of the subject being sprayerl Highlights anc shc.dowt shcuic aways bo in I ifniuny w II1 each onoi.

Thc-'c are :woothei alrtiiushiriy technic ,.es uaedun Ihia peraunul ir.ereu which deaerve :o or tsn-ticned here, bsr-ause "fly rep esfld excellent examples. F-s\ the 1 =— ■-.c, TFCHS (S IFS, '.VfliCh hSVS 3 oualrv:

Indication the ohvic-js sk and cat ■aiNg* the- L-strator has cppliod second rhc veiy subtle tppliubilo" . o' sfstihimj or 1 the apeakers, whiT is ,'jsl e"0„t;" to indicate the s,.rf=jj tex".j'e,

casi shadows

Casts Airbrushed

Archere Andrew Farley

The Impotanra of t~s light shadows telng in harmony with :ho source o-ligit is made eve" more aoparar'.t in tr. s illusnstion By det - ng the erao-ows and -he angle of the gi*t jyuiui;, un both tic sphere and ti-o bud'ea ol His arel it?i:j. a oles/ Impression ia given c .tie time toil'iy at sunset, the solor torts, strength ane oxte"t of the shadows t,-e hon es "itraase this Tipnesaim, I tie raft sharinwK or the sphere [see basc r-irvs,], as '.veil as t~a shading across ts natural 'orn indira-e -he dircctiO" of the- gnt. with those ahtidows ap|i ee oy leese masking or acetate muaking.

Tie arche's also dBTionstrate t"e dsn res of onsetva" 01 sqi. red wher i !'hr„,-,hing the human fern O'ner cwamoles nay he seen ir, the- ?>:<;-or il half of this took under Tt-o section focusing specifically oi rendering i iuwav rcrtv with the air-brusr.


fly Its vi-Ty nntnn1. chnonit-, or any utbei highly iHilliticd or Teflectivií surface. is diificuli tn reproduce convincingly In an J]nitration, Whik- Hie aiib^usb is n more than usehi 1 aidj if the eitecl Is nol rendered wLih caré ill id [ ire-plurn Lidgj iL '.lii'i Lie ¡-M ri iTi[-ly emídf and simplistic. It theretoiç njquireï practice Lind u fióse study [if :i[tmi fífiírtplf^ (ncHutliiíS the. mctlioüs «seil in some nf the illustrafimis repfCl duced In this tjíx)k. This h totalise chïunn; is rurel> içéji WLthojíl someLhtni; else reflected In It, usually in close proximity.

These exercises mtiuduce the technique nf how in approach (he aiitifiLsliiiflg oí cluonie m both black-and-white and color, l-.irh is deinoniijated in isolation, and neither should he taken as the only method. When airbï ush-Irtg rtuome, th e ippf ûftcb adopt cd must be judged on Ils mcLitt find li Uvin'uOenl on iuch Ikings

¡I lin1 I n< Ji I i n 11 ni I Li i ■ il i Ft mi e in ttíptlon tp other objects or miitc-

riai^ lhe h.ise mluf oí siiTmund ïriubfuets, und colors in the en vi Tonnant in Which the chronic needs to bu shown. All of Ihese will obviously del emu ne flie ha sí1 and reflective coin ri lo Lit- use-d wlrçii sf j ra y i i ig-

I hiJ i rilnr ÎSïtïCÎSe sbOWfl here uses ii convention tor creating tlic effect of reflected coLoi. This is based on the ass urn pi Ion that Lhe lowei paît of a chrome übjeel tnLjihl be re Heel Infi earl h colors I kj 111 Hit- ÏÉyùild., vvhjlu Lhe u;;pei p.irt refWfrs lighter times from the sky. Jhis ground/sky division requiTei Hieanisl to establish .in □ ppïoxlmale horizon level across I hi.* chriome sqïïace.

Tina 11 y, always f-iunre tli;it tludir procure through ttic iiirlmibh is correct! If it is ton Imv. the I in ish will apiR-ar fiiaLny and LexLioed. ¡ihich would take away Lhe reilenive appearance, rHi^me liaban cvlrcmch smooth süífuce.

Mnnofchmmatk Effect

1 Asi sis hasia nf this axaiSgfcie, a c.y "de-" if pav*n 'hice d- rensona y ano -¡a x-izcn:al position.: ort ¡¡¡1 coveicü w ti' masks litg í m In urepara'.ie-i 1er apfi&yi^

2 the body-, or tjr isj L: ", ol Itiscy ■ -dar :S divdrsd Into varcius ahsdéd amas ard thnafi needing ma stnob^ee.t nr dörkaft shades are c ,.t. ^ " Tooiiod anrl carayod 1r;t It ic mpona-"t thst wlion spraying a olc.cii c."-:l whi-o ol:..i:ct, t-c carkosl Mf Lirjs an.- spiayod nyi ";his iiot v. iy st-ivHo tir f ii!. bo I a ¿u täjjaülras tt»-

3 I he aresa u' rued.urr are expeaed and sprayed.

riiini i urnol inftakuut'L 'g. By fo cw ;riy In,a aequence, any reaio^e Irt/'i I subsfiqi lant snrsylnn which q-.ifc-rnatically encrcec^ee or the ctóf«s; a'c-as will neiely s:-ciglrcn "lie daMisst tenas and, witn prciuc- ocn tie , mproi/c M o (Jeptti o' Lortrtsi i'i ' Mil.'! Jin-el L-- .wiyik,

i -a iirst ci t- c çradated tcnai aresa ia now cut, renuved and sprayed, Taking aura fe color cjí: not ftxtfind too tar down and trsr-shy dirrinis" ths strength of hichl c-t.

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