Basic Forms

These exercises cover four haslc shapes: u cube, cylinder, sphere and mm*. Thev rfprMfntthe principal neometric shapes which life likely to be encountered in alrbrushlng an Incredible variety oi subjects, whether lukvJi individually. in Or, as mnre likely, parti irom each In any UiuiiibiiiiiLton. If specific and detailed areas In a lar^e number of the finished illustrations in this book are closely examined, it ill U.tuine apparent that many of the abstract shapes which make up the illustrative content are compound oi surfaces such as angled planes and curves which luii he extruded L'lujis these busiL


Nut only is piunice c-sseuljal In older to master the skill of handling lite airbrush, bLil it is also uselul in understanding the shapes themselves. Furthermore, if you extend the principle of these exercises by varying the color» and surface textures, you will acquire greater understanding of how light atiects the shading and contrast from one surface tn another, from one siLle to another, and front one object to another

Thfl Cube

1 The cube fi draw symnnñtrteally with ona comer dlrec.tty íaoing ths vícwc Tino ouoo anr. th= sumo ind-iitci aiea ore eoveied witn a ergie pioocof masking filrr

£ Theliin covering fi'xs lelt-hand face of the c^ntr s cid a-d renevao fo' 'he ílrst star¡G m tha spraying se^ue-oe The left-hand face Is prayed with 'he greater dentil nJ

tnnn tn right and r..Tling ai'ñlle te r-o vertical edçe t" r. ir- grndatad on the left te s!»v a oub:c, reflected highlight.

3 Leaving the left-hand tace unmasked, the f ti mask the nç"t-hand face ef the is cut a-d removed. Or< this plane 'he dopt- of tnnn n in? from fq-t tn Inlf. bu: with increasing sTcngth in the highlight tpwaid the eading ode*: Ol l"y ouUv

4 Tne horizontal audace ot t^e cubs is cut and rerroved, again leaving the two vertica sudaos urirraaked, The depth of tens iara is. : ç^ter nverall than on t'-e vertical pane and ruis horizoita y t^m :he rop tn thA bottom, with the noare&t eomor to h e cbaerver being alirtoa1. dtvotr ol ocio'

2 Thc-and mi beppno tne red backg; rintcal when s hùr.iror sprsysc eafile-^ ti depth u

5 On completen, the iGinaininu fli fne oatei ia removed, shùwing ti-e eubt? 'tn '-to e' [f deied m riionochrviKí wlh «nouîfi depth ol contrast create u l'irt» dirnenaioriHl inaye.

baill kirms

Ths Cylinder

1 A straightforward draw "g ot a cyindî-, Harding vertically on cne ■:rü, <g covered with msçk^c f m Alrcn UKb^ids ala:' across the har.k-ysuO-maa, ¿s te the ojbc

2 Tlx- bedy of ths cylinder « r.i.t nJ the film removed The spraying tigns ;,om the Ic-ft-hand ed^e, and ik> .uii/ iù allowed to ovorap the bttxycu <¡ inaskfig. It is ooire-,i'K3 advisable '.e tjrn tho artwork .■.tía" aprbyriy so tiüi the cylinder is Mràontal, W:L'i '.lie tirât edye bong sprayed al l'itt lup. ' vis intakes il eesisr ta contrcl the exte"l trd ■nfipTi af nnlpr bnsdes ensuring iva. iremtar p. ins pa'a :al -o ttw csnter-|ne ai tie cylinder.

3 On îr-s right-hand edge, ihe sairy ■echniqi ie Is app sa as in aiage 2. Tir important dlffwanoe ¡s that :he zo'or le applied ^iir " ths sogt? of tho rnaskco shape te create a t-rylleclecs nighlight et the ex* ers ryi t yt the cylinder.

Again the ooiûr ¡a granado qulr,Kly as it is buLiçihr toward 'he r-entísr nf ll>e cylineer. This g ves a strong r.igtiíght at thy cei iter, luinng r-ic onnrplKe «figle, ol Lhecy "de1 und parallel to ths ailles.

4 -irifcilly. ,hy ',c",j of the cylinder is sprayed. A .er cu'.I -o ana 'í?riaving the tilrr Iroiri II it? ïi :jiu;ui minie, color LS sprayed in uhcrizyiHtil dirceticn, roncertra'ing en .ve uuter cr upocr edrie sn "hat only rssdL,al culcr lallt ente leading edgs.

Ti The marking film ¡s mmoved. leav'iij a hard-enoen cvllndsr iih.t, i ic.tod by a liglr. souro? T-reca'Aly h i ici il. T" s toc"i que O'Tidiirai a s ■ i iply but effective 'or-n wrth a "saL,,r Iniyh.

The S^liure

1 A is <ju; directly into Tasking ¡ilrr w nil has been laid cn t~s lllu*-ration hoard, using a compass n-..t-:<>r. A pier.« of T-aRKlnq if. paced if certs- rc cfif-'r-t the fjimpflfi. pc. nt for 'nc n ma'lv the-

-.Iheing rrarxed and also to assist in rciroval ol li u

P An oval cf color ¡5 coiayud whid i orcoTipassoii the typ bind belli sicks of the riusk, Uut uuks no! OxX'nO as lar us the lower edgs. This gives a re Heeled highligh: rr the base ol I'-« sphere which will enhance its thrsft-dlnfiwslrinsl gi lali-:y. This Initial cval of cnlnr must or apphfiri carefully a^d is beet attempt sstte- practcing wth the a-brush on a fno-hend toss. As trere ur« i 10 planes withm Ke everaJ ahuos ol tlw spienc. t"c n ail unly ce'inea i .s outline, no; 11« nL«rnt ureas of cjht ti'<J ahaduw

3 h the second sfariA fif spraying r:C:*or if, applied, leaving a sot «rt^i. io.ifpiy circular -qr oft noar the top of trc sphere. Rosioual color slightly softer^ the loflixito 'yiliyhl at the io^er edge

4 O1103 masking lln has fcasn con-ybtey removed. tne relected 'iiyi yht al the base 0" the spoare and 11« orincipal highligh: a: center lop are mere effectively appienletfir.. Atar practice In cortrnlllnq trw ai'-tiush for freehand mode -c. with i tig masked fii irlmA !■ w 1 soon bo possibs to produce sohe-cs with - ie ligh- sources afglod from oihtr e «Etons A steely 0' spider tal ci:ii:i;:s anci the w?.y hyl it tills uri •Jicm. as well os It« way •• w ct O'.-'Oi coois are relleeled. will be cf iiTir r or ise value lor lu'.ure p'ectice and app caf.ior.

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