Jut 111 Brettoner

Finger Style ttriuii Hubson

ílcfre coriaiiJ«f the airbrush to be o tool only 1er les cal illusliutien, which has riu place in any ufer type of graphic imagery. Such vewooinls rnlfiuncarsrand t-a reaso" to' using 3-y aid in the production n' an lllus-traton. If a dcci-sd effect or tinif.r is bust ybujinuiJ win an airbrush, or any u'.her tool, tv,en wo^d it no: oo appruptialtj a-nd sensibe to l¿so .t? 1 "e illustration 'eurwvoed here is û case in po"l. lor t might a, lira', aopea' that spraying toi. d i wt be ths best rraans of arriving at :he finished rasul'. Navarlhalfiss, an airbrush t-.qf, hasn used, showing ra illustrator to have complete convoi over re aiit3nj6h and tna density of color applied to cao- oaf of toe illustration, t relics very much o- the technique of rendering transparency «•th r«r»c vagicms a: the too eft an:l bottom right contrastrg woH wth th: rijiT tokco of H ie two circle segments

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