Jut 111 Brettoner

As mentioned in l'-e mi'Oductlcn to this technique, la' greater ecn.'ol is required n re spraying ol Iranspar-sn: charts than solid ones, aspad?. y f otne' ohacts are to be show" oe~ nd. Control s requirec troth oí the STOuot r.' oolor apollad and re oene-ty o' "tie shades, ear^ oc og dopordort on the degree of tianaparcncy o" ".he cbect. Carets plfcji i. is ulse neqi. 'id te ensure that any o'.'ersorayed uulur is applied " tr e cerrest aegut' ce. so ■hat nara is -o doubt as to which si iriaoea or oh|erts are transparent, a-d which vs * f ont or hahind The tocrnique apalied 'o spray 10, tra'soaiort ob.ects cannot or dp ■-tilled from a singlo example of a 111 iiyl r ■■ I illustHioticn. Because o':his, preparatory eo 01 no'.ce should be made be ure slaving O" a pcee o1 ïnished artwurk and ,"e secret100 of spraying worked out belurehai id,

"-s axamp e rap'ocLiced here shows a vary simple, b..t hiqriy 5-fVwtiws, renoa'lno, rv «Ifl^t fl'ass bolls certoreo amunri a larqerone ca1 tying the BACS logo, all sot aya'"at u' opaque baoKyroui d with a subte sHeetiuu ul pad e; .-v gro.jpng. the quality ol l'ansparsnay has Pean ar," eved by the oa Immediately' behind the ane - front win a soft shade of the latte' s Paw color This a paricularty ûtïvioi ir wth the hlarx-and-white oa lying behind "ha golo-ro'o'as BACS ball. It will be noted "hat ths boll at the back has a hc-i wliif -ÍK» ooai sprayed with a lower-key s'aue ol Ihy gad, a'.l'c .ha" the white applit-d to i.s 1 eiy i hors.


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