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This Product Lets You Find The Right Answers In A Paint Color Deck, Fast. It's A Shortcut To Proven, Tried And Tested Paint Colors As Close To Foolproof And No-fail As You Can Get! So What Exactly Is In the Paint Color Cheat Sheets? 81 Timeless, Tasteful Sherwin Williams Colors. You will get the exact Sherwin Williams paint color names and codes for the best pastels, brights, earthy tones and jewel shades in every color family: 10 best Red paint colors. 7 best Orange paint colors. 8 best Yellow paint colors. 10 best Green paint colors. 10 best Blue paint colors. 7 best Purple paint colors. 8 best Brown paint colors. 7 best Beige paint colors. 8 best Gray paint colors. 6 best White paint colors. With these proven, tried and tested colors that always work, you will create and enhance any decorating style, mood or atmosphere from traditional to contemporary, from bold and funky to tranquil and sophisticated. and everything in between. Yelena Kublitski's Paint Color Cheat Sheets are a great tool that will save time, money and many headaches because you simply can't go wrong using any of the colors suggested in her well-edited palette. Her colors are nature-inspired: earthy reds and oranges, grayed blues, greens and purples with brown undertones colors you'll often see in historical collections. In addition to a well-edited palette of colors, she's provided a wealth of information in her bonus tutorials that will help you from start to finish. More here...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and includes a bundle of useful tools.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Painting Interesting Skies

Wet Dry Watercolour Landscapes

As landscape painters we cannot ignore skies for very long. The sky sets the mood and colour temperature, and should relate to the landscape - or rather to the light on the landscape. It would he-good to see more imaginative skies in paintings at exhibitions, instead of so many simple 'play it safe' wet-in-wet ones. Effective skies can be produced fairly simply with a little thought, so do endeavour to be imaginative. In this book you will find many examples of different skies, from the simple...

Realistic Oak Tree Drawings

Nature Pencil Drawing

Some of the most distinctive characteristics of oak trees are the heavy boughs with twisted, angular branches. These boughs and branches can easily be seen because oak trees have many more sky holes than most trees. Another outstanding feature is the downward thrust of the lower branches, as shown in the graph-ite-pencil drawing at right. The foliage is often heavily branched, and in the fall, it puts out a beautiful scarlet and red-orange leaf. Whereas most trees drop their leaves in the fall,...

Sound Proof Room Section Drawing

Field Vision Urban Design

8.1.1 Example of Isometric Projection soundproof window Position ol building walls relat ve to each other Principle of sound attenuation m air duct Section of a soundnroof window with ventilation ducts Lateral soundproofing in vent ducts i Soundproofing with various different working thick nesses and weights We shall confine ourselves to a few basic comments regarding perspective insofar as it is useful for freehand drawing, i.e., the drawing of projects, buildings, and environments. 8.2.1...

Drawing The Landscape On Colored Paper

Charcoal Pencil Drawings Trees

Working on colored or toned papers gives you the opportunity to stretch your imagination and creativity. For a winter evening scene like this one at right, for instance, you might think of working on a blue paper. In fact, the blue paper does give a pleasing effect of dusk changing to evening. But why not try another color Quite a few darker colors would be effective for a night scene, as shown in the demonstration below. A piece of blue Fabriano Ingres paper became my midvalue background for a...

Tips on Storing and Framing Your Drawings

Anime Sketches Pencil

Using Acid-Free Storage Materials Matting Your Artwork Cutting the Opening in the Mat How Wide Should Your Mat Be What Is a Backing Board Attaching Your Artwork and Mat to the Board Glazing Moldings Metal Frames Plastic Frames Using the Right Molding for Your Picture Through the years, students have asked what inspired me to paint a certain picture, or what kind of pencil I use for drawing. My answer is, It is a thousand-hour pencil. In other words, the secret is not the pencil it is the work,...


Colored Pencil Nature Drawing

Nature gives us a wonderful array of things to draw. Skies, water, sunsets and flowers simply look out your window for unending inspiration Suede board is a wonderful drawing surface for nature scenes and flowers. It creates a pastel-like quality to the subject and makes sky tones and flower petals appear soft and smooth. Even though suede board is soft, it is still possible to use firm pressure to create distinct edges and overlaps, which are important when drawing natural subjects. Light gray...

A closer look at creating tonal value sketches

Preliminary Airplane Sketch

Probably the two most important factors in producing tonal value sketches are varied pencil pressure and economy of stroke. You 're not aiming for any great detail, just for the overall pattern, and tonal value contrasts. Being able to produce tonal value sketches in a professional way is almost an art in itself, and can be a joy for others to behold. You are able to concentrate on the problem in hand without distraction, producing a strong pattern with a wide range of tonal values. However,...

About Walter Foster

Alizarin Crimson And Cadmium Orange

Walter Foster was born in Woodland Park, Colorado, in 1891. In his younger years, he worked as a sign painter and a hog salesman. He also performed in a singing and drawing vaudeville act. Walter invented the first postage stamp vending machine and drew political caricatures for several large newspapers. He's well known as an accomplished artist, art instructor, and art collector. In the 1920s, while running his own advertising agency, Walter began writing self-help art instruction books. The...

Shades And Tints

Overlapping Images With Colored Pencil

A shade is a darker version of a color. A tint, on the other hand, is a lighter version. Shades and tints are the result of light and shadow. Color can completely change the way something appears, and artwork can be altered by using different color combinations. This flower is drawn the same each time using three colors Canary Yellow, Orange and Crimson Red. However, each time I drew it I changed the background color. The results surprised even me This is a good way to experiment with colors....

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